A stylish set of knives for the real dudes

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many men do not mind to learn how to cook, and some bro very nice can. And what is the thing that is almost the most important in the kitchen? Hey, man, don’t say «Woman», it hurts. Things more important than a knife in the kitchen just does not come up, but a real bro should have not just a knife, and preferably a whole set.

And why the knives didn’t look like a work of art (even modern)? Before you wildest coolest set of knives. The main feature is that every knife is both a stand other knives, and it’s just wildly cool. And beautiful. Without the «couple» will remain, perhaps, only a knife for cleaning of vegetables.

The set includes a knife for cleaning of vegetables, 5-inch utility knife, 8-inch blade (universal) and a big torch for anything in the world.

Knives made in France made of high quality stainless steel. The price really bites. Much. The cost of this set almost a thousand dollars. But if you are interested, welcome to Amazon.com

than set0130990770

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