A strong woman, or what to do with a woman-mountain

I hate the phrase «strong woman»: it to pain in groin pretentious. Today my article is about these women that are stronger or their girlfriends, or even many men. They also want simple female happiness, and they pay attention to different guys because at first glance would never say that she can squeeze from the chest a hundred, if it is not actively running to ground, for example.

And here you found a girl who is actively engaged in physical activity. How to interact with them? Actually it is not much different from ordinary girls, with the exception of quite rare among the female population traits — passion. Why passion than is found among girls, not as often as I would like? The fact is that ladies somehow believe that girls should not be collecting dust, to get involved in different games and other things because girls have to be serious, adult, and think about the relationship». I seriously heard from a friend that girls over the age of 20 play video games and basketball is impossible, because it shows the immaturity of their nature. Unfortunately, the priority for women and will remain (I still really want to believe that wrong) relationship and men, probably, therefore very few of them are not only scientists, but even simply addicted to people.

Girls who are engaged in physical activity in any form, can be divided into several groups. I will also try to write about some of the features these girls, because he watched them for some time. But basically, as I wrote, they are the same women: two arms, two legs, in the middle of Puszcza piska.

1. Girls who go to the gym


They can not be called strong and even admire, they just realized that to get rid of fat and acquire beautiful figure can not with gunatnamo 10 Grand for a tube, wraps and sugar, and with a relatively heavy process of work in the gym. Most often these girls are just running around stomping on the carpet or on the step. They so often pick up a dumbbell, because I don’t know what to do with them. I’m serious! Many girls are very far from sport, they do not understand that three sets of bench press will not make them bullies! They are afraid of free weights, because it’s scary don’t want to be unladylike.

To this group may belong to girls, who know the basics of training, are able to reap from the chest right, but I visit the gym only when you feel that you have to gain weight. And rightly so: we should not be ashamed of the training, my lady, it’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. About this group, I wrote only in order to indicate its existence.

2. Regulars of the gym

The girls who go to the gym for many years and lead a healthy lifestyle, are divided into two groups depending on the purpose.

1. Fitness cute


This girl deals with the fact that, from the point of view of any guy with experience at the gym more than a year, there is Masturbation. To do 30 reps of any exercise with small weights only in order to drive away the excess fat and, God forbid, not to get the shoulders a bit more than the girls with oblock fashion magazines, as well as to get rid of cellulite. I never understood such training, because, frankly, they’re useless. No progress, only stagnation and stagnation.

Fitness. health-food. Forget about vegetarians and vegans, the fitness game — but those who’s really into nutrition. Sometimes they have signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is very scary. Imagine that she eats porridge on the water without sugar, a piece of kurogami and cucumber. After six she does not eat, candy, simple carbohydrates too, she even fruit not eating. Once a week, some can afford a day Jora is a small slice of pizza or piece of cake grams per hundred.

What’s the problem these fitness nyashek? They’re obsessed with what you understand under a healthy lifestyle. They can go to the gym every day, eat 800 calories a day and be thin. Most likely, their increased attention to this way of life comes from the complexes, from a morbid fear of becoming fat and ugly. It’s hard, really hard.

2. The girl who wants to be a sports


In most cases they are absolutely normal. They just want to have a toned body, the squares on the press and round ass. Many of them are damn tempting. They are robust, eat without fanaticism and understand something in the training. Talk to them what is, in some kuroguwai they do not live every day to the gym don’t go — normal girl.

First, if you think it becomes too hard or too often goes to the gym, don’t force her to quit. If a person is passionate about, he’ll dump you, not the gym. If you’re dearer to her gym, she will leave, but will suffer. In the end, it will come out in some kind of dispute. Most of these girls being uploaded on dudes because they’re birds of a feather, but, after watching the gym pumped of men, many of them want «normal», maybe even with a pot belly. Overall, the absence of fanaticism and of fear to reap from the breast makes women beautiful and fit, of course, if they don’t move over to the next group of girls…

3. Duck


Why girls sway to such a state? The answer is simple: they want to be stronger and look nicer. So, man, in their understanding of muscle is pretty. Ducks is regardless of gender the person who wants to gain mass. Weight does not always mean strength, Bruce Lee, for example, was very strong, but was not a mountain of muscle. Poddubny was also strong, but it was harmonious. The trainer at my gym for the name Natasha — the woman is very strong, but she has a toned strong body without heavy weights. In the deadlift she does the same as does pretty strong man, which contrasts with her appearance. Girls who are engaged to girls goals can also be divided into two groups.

1. «I want to be strong and beautiful»

Among the Champions of Russia for the chest press I found a lot of cute and not pumped ladies. Of course, they have something that not a lot bro: squares on the belly and Bichi, uzdevumiem under the skin. Pitching to call them not just physically strong girls. Among them are plump, and there are fit-athletic. If a girl is swinging evenly, it can be beautiful, if not, it will be the same as one girl in my gym. This man has a very thin top, dry flat torso with almost no Breasts and slim handles. But she has a huge «banks» on his feet and phenomenal calves. It is so contrasted that cripples girl.

2. Very specific ducks

Once in the section of weightlifting, I noticed a large shape. The figure was a hedgehog in the head, a huge back, some solid muscle and tattoos all over the body. The figure looked like a very large and strong man, and behaved like a man. While it is not addressed as No. It was a girl. During the conversation she even sometimes tried to smile at a girl and flirt, he looked very creepy.

These girls work for weight and eat protein. To meet them can only duck, because it will be interesting to them pitching. Yes, and stand on them just for the strokes. I really hope that Anna reads this article, because otherwise she’ll kill me, it’s no joke.

To the girls like the first and the second group should be treated distinctive. They just captured, and it means that the inscription on the fence of the stadium «Of the sport, you are peace» makes sense for them. Don’t think you can get them to throw a rocking chair: it will never happen. To meet them can only are as crazy or know that you will respect her choice and blah-blah-blah. They may often meet all sorts of guys who want to try what it means to sleep with a girl who is stronger than you. Because of these girls bullies are often heartbroken. And they are in lesbians for the same reason.

In addition, it is necessary to warn that after a quarrel with a girl you can be beaten. Of course, the average male is stronger than women, but these girls are often as strong as the average man, so the chances of victory is almost equal.

4. Athlete


Depending on the sport the bodies of the girls can look different. From good to strange. In principle, it is also captured, so treat it can be like a girl from the paragraph above.

5. The girl long engaged in martial arts


One of my friends was well beaten by girl-Reconstructor. This girl is familiar to me. She’s taller than one meter eighty, from his childhood involved in sports, wrestling, karate, and now Muay Thai. The girl is pretty cute, unless you consider that she was in full armor with sword and shield fighting in the company of three hundred men in the field. And there were rumors that she was attacked by two muggers, she gave a n*ZDY but got a black eye.

Generally, these girls are no different from other athletes: girls as girls. Except for the fact that beating them is a bad idea. Beat girls is generally a bad idea because hitting someone weaker than you, unworthy of a normal person. You can always do words or a light shake by the shoulders. Here the danger is that you can actually beat. Of course, the chance that you win, is, great, but seriously to fight with girlfriend can only be in Mortal Kombat.

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