A spear for hunting

You know our life can expect anything. In your place we would not have been sure that you will develop smoothly and one day you will not participate in a show similar to the hunger games. We are constantly trying to help you and prepare you for various unusual conditions of life. We’ve given you tips on how to survive in the woods, I suggest you to read so you know what to expect from the mysterious night among the silent trees.

Ideally, of course, to adapt to the wild life enough to even Bear Grylls thought you were my smartest student. Now imagine that you are somehow mysteriously ended up in the woods and you have to fight for his life. First you’ll need a weapon that will help you to obtain the carcass of fresh meat and, with it, will serve as your protection tool. Maybe it’s gonna be a spear? You have little choice. So it will definitely be a spear.

Don’t forget that you have a minimum amount of material and no time and more ingenuity to create more sophisticated weapons. So read and practice.

1. Collect material




  • What;
  • Cord or any other rope;
  • Long video and nesha stick;
  • A pair of thin branches with a length of about 5 centimeters.

2. Treatment


Feel free to take a long stick. You’ll have to sharpen the end of it. Now with your knife and start to split her in half. For starters, not much.

3. Snap out of it


Now a bit further from splitting tight tie the cord to the stick then I disconnected and using a knife, even a bit of her split.

4. Time branches



Between the two parts of the stick put a little twig to lock the connector.

5. Annealed



Tighten the rope as much as I can and run it though the ends of the fire. Great! Your deadly spear ready, it remains only to find the victim.

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