A simple robot with your own hands


The new year is a family holiday, when under the same roof as a crowd gathers related people from small to large. This is the perfect time to demonstrate to your younger brother, nephew or your kid hands you grow from the right place. And what kid doesn’t love robots? Hey, not such that you can buy at the baby store, if you sell a kidney. We will consider a homemade and simple option that will allow you to entertain yourself, others and in the future will be an interesting gift for a fairly undemanding boy.


You will need:


  • wire;
  • adhesive tape for outdoor use (foam);
  • vibrating motor;
  • pliers with long jaws;
  • soldering iron and solder;
  • battery (any size);
  • conventional adhesive tape;
  • thin wire for fastening.



Cut wire the right length depending on the size of the product. Bend it as shown in the photo. This frame and the «feet» of your work.


Scrape pieces of wire and spay them together to make the connection strong. Attach two semicircles at the ends of the straight piece of wire. Spay them. These compounds are winding thin wire is not necessary.


Now collect the electronics work:

The top «bridge» part

Put a piece of foam tape on the top part of the wire that connects the two semicircles together. Fix the engine on the adhesive side so that the sinker on the shaft does not touch the tape. Necessary to enable it to rotate freely. Positive (red) wire bonded to adhesive tape and glued on top of the battery. Negative (black) wire taped to the top of the battery. To disable it, you need to remove the tape off the black wire.

«Cross part»

Put a square of adhesive tape to the intersection of semicircular wires. One part of the engine needs to be glued and the other with the cargo hanging in the air. Positive (red) wire should also be on a self adhesive tape to be pressed against the battery (battery) on top. Negative (black) should be taped to the top of the battery. To disable it, you need to remove the tape off the black wire.



Well, it’s time to test your «Frankenstein». Put the robot on smooth surface and watch it slowly rotate around its axis as long as enough battery. Well, what quality?

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