A simple exercise for a strong press

Your father, tired from the worries of feeding family and your ppionerka of conduct has the right to wear lush, hairy belly. He is a man of the old school, he can. But you, young goldfinch, you should think about the terrain, the floor of the intestines. We wrote about the press and how to achieve it. But what about the mighty belly can write endlessly. Moreover, we paid attention to the serious, one might even say extreme options, but about simple ways to pump the stomach we wrote that happy to correct.

Reverse crunches

4 sets of 15 reps

Ideal for lower press – in this exercise, it involved the most. To start, lie down on the floor, palms against the floor and begin to lift straight legs, knees touching the chest. Thus try to strain and to involve the press. Then feet lowered to touch the floor with my heels. But aerobatics is when feet are off the floor, staying in vis at the lowest possible height from him.

Oblique twist

4 sets of 12 repetitions on each side

Fun and exciting exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles. For a start, as usual, need to go, and to go thoroughly, pressing the lower back to the floor. Hands for comfort put over your head like you’re a naked man on a raft of commercials for Bounty, and the legs bend at the knees. And then the fun begins. Your left elbow touch your right knee and Vice versa. With the free elbow should be pressed to the floor, and his hands were behind his head. and remain. The knee and elbow should touch the allies on the Elbe. You do not need to set records of speed and trying to throw a knee behind the ear, like a real monkey. Repeat enough not to tear the elbow and keep your hands in the castle behind the head.

Lateral twisting

4 sets of 12 repetitions on each side

The press is not only cubes, but also the side muscles. So Boca didn’t look flabby, do these simple procedures.

Lie on side, bend legs and put on each other. If you lie on your left side, extend your arm parallel to the floor and touch hand to floor. Right hand behind your head. And now the most difficult: the bent arm (the one that you got for a head) need to reach to the pelvis. To be more precise, then twisted the arm and the body. While the bent at the elbow, you need to take as much as possible, almost touching the floor.

V-shaped twist

4 sets of 12 repetitions on each side

Still lying on the floor. You can spread a Mat, whatever you like. Now the most important: put your hands out, feet up. Now simultaneously lift your legs and torso, while trying to touch the hands of your feet. Then, as is usually the case in the original position. Don’t rush, everything will be fine. The belly will be like a monolith. The exercise, though complicated, but extremely useful.


4 sets of 10 reps

There is no difference between ISIS militants and animals. The same exercise as the preceding, only the legs should be bent at the knees. Also, try to touch the hands of my feet, and don’t forget all the time to keep the tension of the press, otherwise it is meaningless, with the same success it is possible to bite your nails and try to gain weight.

Lifting the feet

2 sets of 10 repetitions

Simple exercises that require you only obedience. So lay back. Keep your hands at your sides. The legs are straight. Now raise your straight legs so that they with the body was 90 degrees. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower press. Ten times, lift your right leg, then hold it in the raised position for ten accounts. Then repeat the same procedure for the left foot. A similar exercise can be performed lying on your side. If exercise is not performed, imagine yourself as Sailor moon or Alina Kabaeva, and in the organism will appear no ease.

Abdominal vacuum

Pora was.kom.ua_27.11.2015_Q0fEwB6elIIMk

10-25 repetitions

This may seem silly, but the transverse muscle as a sign of gratitude will erect in your honor candles in the temple.

Get on all fours (not to grimace, there is nothing vicious), back straight up. Fully exhale, relax your abdominal muscles, then suck in your stomach maximum. Breathe through your nose, don’t hold your breath and keep holding your stomach. Hold in position with stomach sucked in for 15-20 seconds, then hysterically to breathe and relax. To start do 12 reps. Over time, increase the number of repetitions to 25.

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