A simple and popular firearms

In recent years we have created many types of firearms that a whole day is not enough to describe and mention each individual weapon. Some of them are used by military units, and some can be found hidden in the corner of the ordinary, average resident of the planet. Here we chose the magnificent seven the most popular and highly touted weapons that can be used for self defense and shooting at cans.

1. Kalashnikov

If you believe the movies and games on the theme of Apocalypse, the AK with a club and knife are the main tools vigilance.

There is a whole family of military and civilian small arms of various calibres, including AKM and AK74 (and their variants), machine gun RPK, carbines and smooth-bore guns of «saiga» and others. You can even put a scope to hunt cats.

The Kalashnikov rifle is in service with 50 foreign armies, and in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and East Timor it as a «weapon of freedom» even put on a coat of arms.

Checked the weapons of the Somali pirates, Afghan Taliban, Albanian drug traffickers, terrorists from Counter-Strice, the Russian army and the other evil. The fire is not lit, the water is sinking, but not spoiled. Not that his foreign counterpart the M-16. But don’t think that without lubrication and proper care it will run forever. Alas, even an engineering marvel Mikhail Kalashnikov are very susceptible to concern.

2. The MP5

In 1966 the famous German firm «Heckler & Koch» has created a weapon for which pray special forces around the world, especially Western countries. Austere and beautiful as a German car, this gun shoots exactly like a Swiss movement, reliable as a monolith, can be easily disassembled and very heap scatters the shots. To date created more than 50 modifications of the MP5, which dominate the small arms market for the services of internal Affairs to this day. The only real competitor in this market is the successor to the UMP, created by the same firm.

Its only drawback is the high price. Even the German army has decided that it’s too cool to give soldiers bundeswehra such an expensive Caca – licensed Israeli submachine gun UZI. What an irony.

By the way, the MP5 is not designed from scratch project, and only the legendary G3 rifle, which was made more suitable for urban fighting.

3. Submachine gun UZI

Officially there are more than 10 million units of this wonderful automatic pistol. Unofficially, the tens of millions. This is the same gun that you killed «the Ballas» in the «GTA» punish counter-terrorists staged a terrorist exterminatus in virtual reality. By the way, nothing to do with the Ultrasound machine he has. «Ultrasound» – an abbreviation of the name of the weapons designer Uziel Gal, so the emphasis should be put on the first syllable. Gal did create weapons for all time (the Kalashnikov, of course), which is recognized worldwide and is constantly saved Israel in all its wars, starting with the Suez crisis of 1956. So he deserved eternal glory due to the name of their offspring.

The small size and ease of reloading made it ideal for storming the narrow concrete bunkers. Today more than 95 countries Uzi is in service with the armies or law enforcement. In fact, he still fills the niche of a lightweight and rapid-fire weapons. Although he became a cult only after the scene of the shooting in «Scarface».

By the way, a mandatory condition for obtaining a license for firearms is a gun safe. In addition, the secure storage of weapons – a pledge that it will not fall into the hands of children or detractors.

The importance of a good gun safe cannot be overemphasized. The safes have a high burglar proof characteristics. Case and doors feature heavy-duty construction, made of durable steel with a thickness of 3-5 mm. Reliable latch mechanism locking vertically and horizontally. Completed a certified safe Deposit locks – key or electronic code.

So if you are seriously thinking about buying weapons, think about how and where you store it.

4. Remington 870

The good old Remington, which, according to American cinema, hanging on the wall in the house every third farmer. Just in case.

Remington 870 due to its characteristic recharge is one of the most famous pump action shotguns in the world. It was produced in various versions, is widely used for both military and police, hunters and sportsmen and for self-defense. This gun can shoot buckshot and bullets and gas grenades and rubber bullets. But the main reason of its popularity – a perfect knockdown for little money.

The shotgun is equally popular among civilians and among the military and present in every Department of the United States associated with the weapon. After in Texas was allowed to carry a weapon in sight, it became more difficult to find a person without a Remington than traditional hats.

5. Desert Eagle

The most common gun in history. «The hermit» has become synonymous with something powerful, breaks through the wall through and through… So true, but not quite. His power is exaggerated, but if the bullet will bounce off the helmets of the enemy, that is likely to break his cervical vertebrae by the incredible energy.

Weighs this engineering marvel almost two kilograms. This gun was developed specifically as a hunting or sport, and armed with intelligence consisted except in special cases. The bullet pierces the man through and through, while maintaining enough energy to hurt the other guy. But a large animal it is, of course, does not break, but shall not: all for the sake of high stopping action, rushes to the hunter of wild cattle are guaranteed to received a bullet all the energy and, as a consequence, at least guaranteed to be adopted horizontally-fixed position.

«Hermit» is extremely popular among film critics and igrodelov – a sort of Hollywood personal hand-cannon.

6. Rifle G3

G3 was created by «Heckler & Koch» in the last years of the Second world war in West Germany. Is the NATO equivalent of an AK-47, with a similar fate: after the end of the Cold War, many States began to sell the excess of their weapons all over the world. For this reason, the G3 was used in the Colonial War Portugal, and even in the drug war in Mexico.

And yet it is a powerful, reliable and convenient rifle. However, the design has a number of small parts which can become lost if incomplete disassembly. But it is cheap.

7. Glock 17/19

The past 25 years, intense competition pistols of the world, and Russian and American, is the Glock. It is more modern and easy to use than the veteran Colt or «TT». Especially popular is the 22nd model with a 40 caliber and a 16-round magazine.

The main advantage of guns – more capacity store. Very convenient in the sense that it is not necessary to carry a second store. You can also insert into the gun shop 33 cartridge to have more capacity.

In Glock 17/19 no external fuse, so that will not have to make unnecessary movements to bring the gun in combat readiness. For such advantages of the Austrian and loved around the world.

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