A sad story about a COP and a bright yellow Ferrari 458 Spider


If you think you have a bad day, read this story, man, and everything will fall into place.

In West London on Edgware Road took place the bride and shooting the cars in the world, which was presented to the little yellow Ferrari 458 Spider, which is already the object of a terrible Schlick’s many girls. The machine does not suspect anything while out of the corner left a silver police car who just wanted to turn around. Turned out it had, to put it mildly, not very good, because a police car rammed a Ferrari 458 Spider worth £ 250 000. The horror! Bumper police car I’m not a supercar caused quite the damage, estimated by expert 2500 Euro.

And that’s how they will decide, man? Who will pay and who will not pay? In Russia, the situation would have been moot, but as this case in England? In any case, someone got. How do look odd together and Ferrari police car!

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