A Rule Of Brad Pitt


Our superordinary blog encourages the desire of bro to start a serious relationship and to stop hanging out with all sorts of women.

But know, friend, sometimes talks about Dating or starting a serious relationship can be very tricky. Men often want to know located the girl to them or not. But how can you learn? Use the brad pitt rule.

How does brad pitt:

Call the woman you like, ask her out. She agreed? Then with very high probability we can say that she likes you. And if it is justified, what can’t go on a date with you? This is the moment when to use the rule of brad pitt.

Suppose that instead you brad pitt invited the same woman. Wouldn’t she say the same thing to brad pitt? If brad pitt asked her on a date, she still said I have to go study or to go to the movies with friends this evening? No. She put all other business plans, to be able to go on a date with brad.

Obviously you’re not brad pitt. But if a woman is interested in you, she will lay all your plans to go on a date with you.

Of course, there are exceptions, for example, a woman may be the objective the reason why she can’t go on a date. Maybe she needs to work or to go to the funeral. But if you’re interested in this woman, she’ll offer to meet at another time. She will say something like this: «I can’t do Saturday evening, should we move the date next weekend?»

If a woman is justified and offers no alternative option, it is not for you. She’s not interested in you. Don’t ask her again. Re-invitation for a date will only make you both feel uncomfortable.

But don’t worry. Did not work with one — start Dating another girl that will interest you.

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