A robot that senses when you need a beer

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Age of robots is near, we feel. First, they will serve us beer, then we will do our small job, then I will plump for us and to play blackjack, then he will kill us to hell and build your world. All this goes, but for now we can enjoy the last peaceful days.

Designers, programmers and engineers have spent the last few years, Xbox one and a lot of beer to develop this incredible idea, which is a… work, knows when you want beer.

The guys from Cornell University used Microsoft Kinect and some software code that helped to create from scratch a robot that the look on your face you will understand, dear bro, what you currently need. He seems like a better women, dude!

The robot is able to open the fridge, know can of beer, to bring it to you, circling around you and from time to time to pour a beer. But that’s not all that he can do a clever construct. He can pour cereal and milk feeding toothbrush. A trifle, but nice.

Friends, women? The robot will not betray, man!

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