A resident of England was bitten by a German shepherd

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2015_r1magNSj2eBvPAnd what you’re ready for your four-legged friend?

Here the British resident of Devon, despite his advanced age, was bitten by a German shepherd, trying to rescue his Yorkshire Terrier.

The incident happened when the 80-year-old son in after walking his pet named Milly. Shepherd dog attacked the Terrier and grabbed him in the neck. An elderly woman was unable to pull the dog which attacked from your pet and we decided to give the beast on merit, biting his neck. Unfortunately, rescue York failed.

Hatton added that bit shepherd «instinctively». According to the pensioner, if she had a knife, she would hit them with an aggressive dog. Here are a pensioner living in great Britain. And in the 60’s it certainly gave the heroin rock musicians.

Later it turned out that the shepherd fled from his home through the gate who forgot to close the hosts. The owners of the dog brought the pensioner an apology and promised to continue to walk his dog in the muzzle.

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