A real workout Jason Bourne

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_aznwgcRRHCNnXGod forbid you get the talent of a Jason Bourne — regularly get involved in a story. It is necessary to you, such nerves, such disrespect. It’s necessary to constantly run from the FBI, kill the mercenaries, and ideally to experience amnesia. And most importantly, you need to be in excellent physical and mental shape. After all, who is this Bourne? This is the best that sucked the big boys, ranging from Belmondo, and ending with Wolverine, and to inject into the body of Matt Damon.

It turned out that the main feature of the character (except for his inability to remember his name and lack of emotion) began his physical qualities. Looking at the frame, and he’s alive, soulfully but with a face full of severity, as comrade Stalin, the people handing out right and left, as your friend instructions. Another frame — it runs from auto, motorcycle, Aero-space technology, flashing thighs and rocking a straight face.

My dear, we remember that this is a fictional character, it’s all part of a great and dear illusion called cinema, and all that did not make the stunt drew on the computer. But we should not belittle the merits of the actor, a stunt he performed himself, besides, to look sexy as a rural woodcutter at the funeral, you need to practice a lot. And after the song «I’m fucking Ben Afflek» urgently needed to get in shape and return the beloved friend.

Fortunately, trainers who worked with Damon in the film, Matt Bamonte and Jason Walsh has revealed the secret of how you can become notorious superhero on television.

In the rhythm of non-stop, without interruption

Training is always a painful process, and in order to make them deliver less discomfort, try to keep yourself in shape all year round. Walsh says: «the main aim was to maintain its strength, health and stamina». The fact that all «Borrow» have a strange feature — they act in other films too. Damon, for example, before filming in this movie was turned into an astronaut and there muscles are not particularly necessary. Here the producers with the television crew waited for Matoushka Diamond will be released for the super.


«If you can stay in decent shape, only a few weeks separates you from the desired shape. That’s what I tell many of my clients simply stay in shape. Maybe not at peak, but it is also very good. So before I call them tomorrow and give instructions to prepare for the role of Bourne, we must make sure that the preparation took a little time, and the guys didn’t look unhappy,» says Walsh.

Debilitating VersaClimber

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_HOcCSwGivXV8oHowever, do not think that training Damon was simple and pleasant, just like Masturbation, some exercises were really difficult. For example, a terrible VersaClimber exercise that can bring down an elephant.

Matt Baiamonte, the owner of a Boxing gym in Wynwood, Florida, and the coach that trained Damon before filming, told me about this a hell of a system: «the VersaClimber is like climbing a mountain. We did the exercise, generally 30 minutes. A minute of climbing, a minute rest. In the end, we averaged 4000 or 4500 meters.» This is a very big job in a very short period of time.»

Running uphill

When you train to become an action star, you have a lot of running. And given the geography of the filming it is not always easy. Places such as Tenerife, Canary Islands is hilly and bumpy England is not always merciful to the feet.

Walsh recalls: «We woke up this morning and made the long jog in the Park. In Tenerife we ran through the mountains. And it’s disgusting. Heart beat in throat».

Actually, it started long before the production of Bourne, when Walsh led Damon across the Gobi desert, Great wall of China. «We started doing sprints and the long runs a couple times a week, in different environments and sometimes at different heights. Sometimes we looked at it and thought: «I guess we’re going crazy». In General, how could you understand when all you ever wanted to run around the world — go to the actors.

To fight like a superspy

If not for the martial art, bad people long ago would have made of Bourne dog jelly. Therefore, the coach Bamonte had plenty to make fun of Matt by passing it through a meat grinder with countless exercises to make sure that he could beat and take the punches, as demanded by the script.

The main feature of Boxing workout Damon was the so-called fight with shadow, where you are improvising with himself, pretending to fight. It is important not only to strike, but does not forget to depict the units and the protection.


«One round, we just throw a jab, then move on to combinations,» says Bamonte. Well, if you throw hands, and something not very good, it’s time to fight with the bag. Bamonte said: «When we had the bag, we just throw it in the center and then quickly moved around, attacking, defending and dealing the combination for 15 seconds.» Seems that it’s insane level of training wonderful Kama Bullets, but I have to admit, Matt is very deftly moved his hands in the film.By the way, Bamonte recalls that during the shooting of one fighting doubles, partners are fighting for real, cause each other an average of 200 strikes, and not all of them are weak. You still wanna be born as?

Weird exercise

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_rwodb5Jw5zcBZIn addition, Damon had to go through numerous planks, leg lifts, and such exotic exercises like the «farmer’s walk». It’s very simple. In each hand a heavy load, and 20 steps forward and the same back.

And there was the famous bike (when you are to the top of the belly, and move my legs) and lying on the back, during which you can not touch the hands and feet of the floor. And so a minute. Wild exercise, but effective.

Proper nutrition in the right proportion

Of course, an integral part of any regime is the food. However, Damon has the luxury of a personal chef. But you have hands, and at the worst mother, so that you can without a cook to do.

«45% of the diet consists of protein. 30 % fat and the rest carbs. Anywhere from 1600 calories to 2000,» says Walsh. «The main condition is to eat more raw foods and to exercise regularly. Otherwise, this result will not.»

To make lessons interesting

Finally, the most important is the psychological aspect. Who need you to become a killing machine? In broken loads and modes of an ordinary Pile from «full Metal shell?». Anyone, we don’t do a lot, and Bourne. Therefore, most importantly, to do mode, training and other whims of the fans HLS exciting as the concert Zadornov.

For example, Walsh and Damon laughed, pushed, nicely hopped and played best friends. «We constantly challenged each other: who will run, who continue to jump, and continuously perform the workout together for the sake of strengthening the sense of camaraderie and solidarity. And next to Damon to carry his wife, who, incidentally, is also constantly running, and something dragged». And when you have at hand the wife, follows that you are prepared for the role as it should, and earned another few million to buy a new kitchen mixer, and the clay daughter to school, then you have no time for nonsense. Or flee into the wilderness, away or incessantly talking with the coach, everything, only not to see and not to hear that bitch.

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