A real officer of the law


Many people have little faith in justice. But the man stubbornly shows that there is such a thing as the law and justice. Raymond, VOUT, judge of Ionia County in Michigan, showed severity towards himself. During another session, the screen of a new smartphone suddenly broke out, and the phone then invited voice dial, it rang. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that out some time trying to turn off the phone, but couldn’t do it immediately, as I bought the phone recently and still have not figured out in all variety of functions, which contains a modern Android phone. In the court room hung in awkward silence. When Raymond finally did the miracle of mobile technology, it is not the case. Raymond himself all his life very violently treat ringing for during a hearing phones, fining the guilty. It would be hypocritical to pull yourself this act, so the judge fined himself $ 25, which immediately paid after the meeting.

Well done dude. However, what else was he supposed to do?

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