A real grammar-Nazi

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Many people are annoyed by still living in the Internet grammar Nazis, which the rest do not give other people’s grammatical errors. At least to write correctly still makes sense to learn.

A man fifty years old named Leonard Burdek from the city of Salem, Oregon, came to the Commission on educational standards in this state with a pressure cooker in his hands. I think that the bureaucrats were surprised, seeing this evil freak, holding the pressure cooker. The man waved in front of workers of the device protruding from it in different directions wires and said were trying to undermine the sign of this community. Also Leonard is not Da Vinci: he noted that he assembled the bomb according to the instructions from the Internet, which was also full of errors. The man said that the Commission needs to pay more attention to children and their education, after which he was expelled from the office of the Chairman of the Commission.

An hour later, the advocate of morality and of the purity of the language, along with his pressure cooker was detained by the police, which is not found in the cooker Leonard traces of explosives. Apparently, he just wanted to attract attention.

As for the signs, then everything is clear, just «an» not enough letters («and»), but grammatical wrestlers too bitter, not to pay attention to it.

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