A raw food diet — the enemy of a reasonable man.

Dude, females sometimes suffer from various kinds of refinements, which result in the desire something is not, they say, it adds health and makes you look like somewhat elitist.

All anything, but only you want meat, man! Quickly show this article to your female!

Scientists proved that the invention of heat treatment was a critical step in anthropogenesis.

As you know, man, the human brain contains about 86 billion neurons, which is almost three times larger than in gorillas and chimpanzees. More brains — more features, but it comes at a price: you have to spend more energy.

The researchers conducted multiple observations of primates and found a clear link between brain volume and number of neurons of which it is composed, and, secondly, a clear relationship between the number of neurons and volume of the required energy. Simply put, the smarter the Primate, the more he needs nyamka.

After the researchers assessed the time required by the most intelligent primates on the meal: 7.3 hours for chimps, and 7.8 hours for orangutans, 8.8 hours for gorillas. For man time absorption raw food reached a record of 9.3 hours. It’s a record, man.

Food, thermally processed, is absorbed much fast.

This work confirms the hypothesis about the key role of the invention of fire for human development. Prior to this it was proved that the invention of heat treatment of food influenced the evolution of human ancestors.


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