A quarrel on an empty place: what’s going on in women’s heads?

She is beautiful, sweet, funny, she has something to talk about, and you just know that they want a relationship with her. Why? Because you fall in love. I did a scary laugh when dudes say that you can’t love never — children, Cho is really there! Everyone, if he has no serious psychological problems, can fall in love with alarming ease. Just not yet found the one which will force you to do it.

You are all almost perfect, and you with the same zeal to convince everyone around you that you will never quarrel. But there are quite a lot of topics that can be controversial, and certainly they will cause unnecessary drama.

Women are especially satisfied with the drama

Why would anyone deliberately make an issue out of the relationship? For us, this is ridiculous. But women are the most insignificant little things seem very important and worthy of argument. Women can unconsciously or deliberately create troubles on empty location, so we are quickly solved. The fact is that women know how we love to solve problems. Hell, that’s why we created. Women thus cherish our egos. A simple example: she can open a jar of pickles, but she still gives it to us so we heroically opened the jar and graciously handed it to her.

But sometimes the problems that I want to run.


Most of the problems comes from the fact that we are not prepared mentally. Why are we sure that this girl that we were serious, he will not scold us for what we cut bread directly on the table, and crumbs off the floor. This is a naive belief! When the girl resents the fact that we shake off the crumbs on the floor, eating over the keyboard or my a Cup, we are very surprised: I thought she is not. Be ready, man! Today we list you the most common problems in a serious relationship that you may encounter. And never hear, never think that they won’t hurt you.

This crazy woman

Since men and women often perceive things differently (in the psychological warehouse and education), we often think that all the polls are crazy, because there are strange, bizarre algorithm, which we do not understand. Psychological types is the same for all genders, and relationship problems occur because of traditional upbringing, environment, communication and other factors. In addition, we always forget that the attempt to understand man is never superfluous.

In fairness, I note that for most women, we are very strange, especially when you can’t lower the toilet seat. In addition, each person at least time in life doing stupid spontaneous things, it has a lot of videos on YouTube.

Expectations of monogamy

Every girl expects you to be monogamous behavior, just accept it as fact. You will never have to discuss it in the spirit of: «Dude, I think we need to talk. Announce a season of monogamy, the increase in monogamous creatures plus two this week. Do not look at different girls in my presence and to flirt with girls at work.» It is supposed to as if by itself, if a girl, of course, not a Swinger or a pervert of some kind. Even if you are not yet serious, the girl might not let you do Fig the number of things you used to do quietly. Every girl has their own list of such things.


It is worth noting that we have something similar. Some bro, for example, forbid girls to wear dresses to work, to communicate with former or with fellow men. This, of course, too much, but still.

Women’s game

Every woman has a certain ritual of checking the men for lice. It is a very important result! Often it seems that the girl is acting weird, no wonder she’s testing us. Games can be very different: it will show you your favorite movie, tell about your favorite book, meet with friends, will lead you to my favorite place. And will carefully look at your reaction in the process of it all. Maybe she’ll ask you for a favor and in the early stages of a relationship. If she’s important to you, it is better to try to help her. Very often girls retard the moment of the first kiss or the first sex to see how long we will survive. To be honest, it’s cruel, and sometimes it seemed to me that MS wants me to dump you. So, dear, if you’re reading this article (the wife, not you, know that the long one will not be tolerated.

Double standards

There are many people who live by double standards. If you read women’s blogs, to know the enemy in the face, we will be faced with the fact that for men, they are ready for everything: to go to Kolyma, to feed, water, clean, look good and do things in bed, especially training your vaginal muscles with some monstrous beads. Male for a woman of God and a king, who earns money, achievements, buys her a beautiful little machine, protects it and allows it never to think about your own problems, God forbid, not to burden her little head. With all that in every woman’s blog thought that we are still vile, worthless, polygamous, in its own stupid creatures that need to look a little nicer monkeys. And how it works? This is a double standard, some men behind him also live. To hell with them!

To be fair, and invite you to establish a few rules that need to explain to the girl that all you have then that was good.

Constantly flashing on the horizon former

If your girlfriend is the perfect ex-husband, from whom she has a child, nothing can be done: a person has the right to visit his ex-wife and see his child. But if it’s just the former, with whom she had relations and with which they are now «friends», is it? If you hate that fact and you did not find with them common themes, you have the full right to require at least the absence of frequent glimpses of this type in your life.

The sudden appearance

Let’s imagine a standard situation: you’re having a good time with their friends, and then suddenly the doorbell rings. On the threshold of is your mistress, who came to you and wants to see you. And you’re not ready to introduce her to your friends. I have the feeling that it would intrude upon. You’re at the mercy of contradictions. You can admit it to yourself, and all eyes will be on her. You have to control the behaviour of friends who are pretty shit-faced, and they will feel uncomfortable in her company. Another thing: she likes you, and if you send her home, she may be offended. But if you tell her then explain the situation and ask her out already in the introduction, all can do. A terrible dilemma.

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