A practical guide for men: how to make a proposal of marriage?

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Offer hands and hearts of women is one of the most important things in a man’s life. Are you sure she was the one and went to ask the hand of the woman from her father. Now you’re ready to propose to his girlfriend.

There are several basic points that should not be forgotten when you offer hands and hearts. First, you need to remember that it is an unforgettable moment that will tell and retell for many years, your family, friends, children and grandchildren. To do so, to have something to tell you. Secondly, every woman is different, therefore, propose to her, given her taste and personality. Some ladies dream of a public offer, while others prefer to offer hands and hearts in a more intimate atmosphere. First of all, make sure that the way in which you propose does not cause a woman discomfort.

Brought below are a number of ways, how can a man propose to his lady.

The site of the first meeting

Show your girlfriend that you remember and appreciate even the smallest details of your relationship. Bring her to the place of your first meeting. This will show her how thankful you are for what found her-the only one. This place was a solid basis for the first half of your relationship and it will be very symbolic if this is the place to offer her to spend the rest of your life together.

The Paris offer

If you have the time and means, ask her the most important question of his life in the most romantic city in the world: Paris. Avoid the tourist places. Find a more secluded area and offered her his hand and heart, oddly enough, but in the right place and reveal the true beauty of the city. A restaurant or cafe with subdued lighting, or a remote place on the banks of the Seine is the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

Offer nature

If your girl loves the outdoors and prefers to spend time outdoors, use the help of incredible natural beauty. It certainly will appeal to offer during the campaign. What could be better than a proposal under a waterfall or on top of a cliff. It will add more impressions and add to the kind of dramatic effect. Then will be exactly what to tell the children.

Offer on Valentine’s Day

If you want to make a proposal to his girlfriend, and soon 14 Feb, wait for that day and do it. She’s expecting a simple romance, and your marriage proposal will exceed any expectations.

Unusual offer

No more surprising way to propose than to write about his feelings across the sky. Hire the plane, which the smoke will write your proposal of marriage, or will lead the banner with the appropriate name. She will be impressed, plus the witness of your love will become. If you have no money to Charter a plane, write your message in the sand at a time as you are on the beach together.

A spontaneous offer

If you know exactly what you want to spend the rest of your life, offer her hand and heart in the moment when you feel like it. Tell her you can’t wait a minute longer and would like to know, does she share the same feelings. She will be amazed at your passion and confidence. The girl will understand that she is the one for you. This proposal will be to his liking, if she’s not a conservative, and a lover of romantic adventure.

While she sleeps

If you find it hard to say those words or do you just want to surprise her, put a ring on her finger while she sleeps. You don’t have to say a word. When she wakes up, sees the best surprise in her life, wearing on her finger. Be there when this moment of joy in your life.

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