A powerful monster Dodge Tomahawk

This futuristic motorcycle, looks more like a Quad, (because it has two front and two rear wheels), was introduced by Dodge at the Detroit North American international auto show in 2003. Tomahawk is the fastest bike, its top speed is 458 km/h, although its engineers believe that this is not the limit. He had taken a ten-liter engine with 500 HP, each wheel is equipped with its own independent suspension, his build includes titanium, aluminum, carbon, magnesium.

Tomahawk hand-built was offered for sale at a pretty high price — 555 thousand dollars apiece, which is not very good impact on sales. It sold only 9 units, although it was planned to create 300 copies. The owners of this unusual motorcycle has admitted that in operation, this monster is too exacting to quality of fuel and service a disproportionately small fuel tank limits the ability of the motorcycle. But most inconvenient is the accelerator: when driving a motorcycle can easily slip away from the driver, the reasons of such behavior of a motorcycle is a powerful engine and too short during the transmission.

It is believed that Tomahawk for madmen, and not without reason, after the fall he is too dangerous to live, although fatalities have not yet been.

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