A portrait of Adolf Hitler appeared on the packaging of cream


Packaging of dairy products produced in Switzerland usually decorate beautiful landscapes of the Alps, pictures of the trains or happy families. Therefore, one of the buyers was a big surprise to see the leader of Nazi Germany during the coffee break. This man took the trouble to send photos of the product in the local newspaper and demand explanation for such a marketing move.

Members of the Migros company, whose brands belonged to the cream, apologized for the «unacceptable incident» and seized a shipment of 2,000 packages of products, which can be found image not only of Hitler and Mussolini. The company dumped all the blame on the designers and stated that the leadership has nothing to do with it.

The official representative of Migros Tristan CERF said: «We decorate our product with something fun and innocent, but not fascists and dictators.»

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