A playlist for summer parties


We like to make different playlists. Was an Irish punk, old Blues, and even modern jazz. Today we’ll go by genre, but by mood, because we have it great, despite it being a weekday. Even on weekdays should be fun, especially in the summer!

1. The Rumjacks – Blows & Bad Words

Let’s start with the good drinking songs in the Celtic manner of guys from Australia. «You have a penny, I have a pound, so let’s barricade the door from all over the world and get drunk!» maybe it’s the song and not only that, but we still had her safely supported.

2. The Green Crow – Murphy’s drinking again

This group is, perhaps, suitable for men’s feast. Sing Irish songs, authentic, traditional Irish songs, to let you know. But they sing them in Russian. It would seem, will be full of shit, and no, a real delight for the drunken ear.

3. The Airborne Toxic Event – Hell and Back

Don’t be so serious, man! A great song from a great band. Got you a video with words so you can sing along even in any state of mind.

4. Libido Fuzz – Enter The Occult

Chic group, which supplies the perfect «fat» song. Heavy and rhythmic guitar music, rhythmically and masculine. Under it you can even dance if you have a shred of imagination. Recommend.

5. Rob Zombie – Well, everybody’s Fucking in a U. F. O.

Rob Zombie recently released a gorgeous album, «The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser», I recommend to everyone. Rob Zombie did not change itself, with each album looks new, modern and strong. Of course, johnny also had a hand in this. For example, have a clip, which is more like a film you can put on the projector.

6. Patti Smith Rock N Roll Nigger

Children drug treatment clinics, various opiates, and various psychedelic experiences at the time were able to break away. And they did it to the music «Patti Smith». Why her? Just listen to a few songs, just the cut.

7. The Kills – Siberian Nights

Insanely beautiful video for the new song one of our favorite bands «The Kills». It is necessary simply to see and hear, of course.

8. Tito & Tarantula – Ready Made

This gang is full of great, good songs, except that they played in the films of Tarantino. «Ready Made» – a vivid confirmation of this.

9. The Growl – Smoke It Down

When the fun is in full swing, I want something crazy, garage with a good guitar sound – «The Growl» just like that. The clip they have so-so, but the music is gorgeous: all the canons of the genre.

10. Hayseed Dixie Highway to Hell

Yes, this is a cover of AC/DC. We can’t say that he surpassed the original. Objectively speaking, the original is too worn out, despite the fact that he enjoys national love. We recommend that you to stand out: put the original version of the famous song, she’ll surprise you.

11. Five Horse Johnson – Mississippi King

The real music of rednecks with an extremely brutal video. It remains only to open a can of beer and enjoy a pointless and entertaining show.

12. WOW – 666 Conducer

«Black Rebel Motorcycle Club» is the name of the motorcycle club in one of the classic movies with Marlon Brondo. And the name of the American rock band whose members don’t sing thin girlish voices, but not tielu. It is music designed for wide layers of the population. «WOW,» a damn good one.

13. The Blasters – Dark Night

You can call a party a success if there was not a single song live? Chose a song for you, where you grew up generation. Yes, he is old and likes to talk, but just wait for the run, he’s the soul of tears for you, respect.

14. Link Wray – Dallas Blues

This music sounds like from a smoky bar where the guys gathered to tell each other nice stories after a hard day. This should be on our roster, so here you go.

15. Old man’s Will – Troubled Man

Back from the shadows to the light side, help us in this active track from the «Old man’s Will». Like music and fucking love the vocals of their leader – just like old times.

16. Svyatoslav Svidrigailov – I can drink all night

If you live in Russia and are still not acquainted with the work of Svyatoslav Svidrigailov, then you, my friend, live in some other country. Svidrigailov – this is a classic post-prison. He sings his songs with anguish, a tape recorder, as if sitting right in front of you. His lyrics penetrate the heart, and, after one you’ll want to skip to the second track. A great choice if the night approaches morning, and the bottle is still full hot.

17. The Neighbourhood – Daddy Issues

Perhaps we went too far with ferocious guitars, so finally I will give you rest, it’s time to listen «The Neighbourhood».

18. Mojo Nixon – Legalize It

Perky country created specifically for large and noisy crowds where gathered not only your friends, but the party is around. You might seem like Hillbillies, but Hillbillies of the freedom.

19. Car Seat Headrest – Vincent

In the clip, the man drinks himself into oblivion, and amid that a young guy plays good music. We liked it, maybe you will appreciate.

20. Ben E. King – This Magic Moment

A classic that lives forever. Great song to slow dance, cuddle friend – just like in old American films, very atmospheric music. Ben king can not be otherwise, because he is a legend of soul.

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