A playlist for lazy days

Eyelids are getting heavy, my hands don’t want to raise, in addition to mugs of beer. You are lying in bed, and even go to the toilet too lazy. You’re obviously familiar with such days, they occasionally pop up in life. But you have to go to work, and generally to move, to roll over on the other side of the bed, for example. We’re always trying to overcome this laziness, but if you really want to do nothing? To hell with active and life-affirming music! Today you are a turtle that was lying in the shell and more in a hurry. Unplug the phone, close your page in the social.networks, do-it-yourself bacon and eggs and just sit back. With the world nothing will be if you forget about it for a couple of hours. You’re lazy as ever, and in the meantime we have gathered for you the most lazy in the world of music, in our opinion. Enjoy the high quality soundtrack, man.

1. «I’m Never Far Away», Bracken Hale

It is necessary to begin always with the positive. Some call the Bracken Hale band one of the most distinctive in country music scene of Austin. We did not see in it anything unique – just a good old country in a modern form. The track «I’m Never Far Away» cool with its simplicity and warm sound. And the album «Lost Gold» is quite nice. However, the Association is not with the cowboys, and some unpretentious life in a small provincial town, where there are bars, corn, gas stations, and simple human attitude, but no problem.

2. «The River», by Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners

And then more lyrics and melodies. This is also a country, but with a bias in American Gothic. A little dark, but you’re not funny. The group itself is beautiful, learned about it recently, and it is quite a bit of releases. The team from London, and the name of frontman Jack Cade – a clear reference to history. There was a Irishman, the leader of a peasant uprising in England. «The River» is a song that is listened to and immersed in their own memories. The river is life in the first place.

3. «Guitar Solo, No. 5», Neil Young

Neil young – a brilliant man who gave us beautiful music, and a large part of the entire atmosphere of films by Jim Jarmusch. And this solo may have earned the title «legendary». Without it, the «Dead man» with johnny Depp would not be the «Dead man.» If day is not specified, it is possible to put this song on repeat, close my eyes and Wake up in another world.

4. «Higgs Boson Blues» Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick cave is a poet, writer, musician. He is also the writer of many cool movies, such as «the Most drunk district in the world.» We would not be surprised if after his life he put up a monument to some outstanding man of the era. His Blues is always dark and unique, and the lyrics – some of the strongest that we have heard. In General, we could insert into this collection of a hundred songs nick, but was limited to one, else you will find yourself. And to honor the memory of his son nick.

5. «From The Zodiacal Light», Earth

Phenomenal group that largely determines the style of drone doom. Experiments with sound are not made from the team boring piece of shit. On the contrary, their music takes you to another universe. Minimalism and psychedelic and heavy but slow riffs – that’s what you hear when you begin to study their work. In General, Seattle has spawned many great bands – just a magical place for some. Under «From The Zodiacal Light» is gorgeous to do nothing or do everything, but very slowly.

6. «Pigs Of The Roman Empire», The Melvins/Lustmord

Lastmord, the Patriarch of all that is dark ambient as recorded a whole album with the legends of grunge and good friends Kurt Cobain, of the band the Melvins. No idea what knocked in the head last, but the result was a stunning album that combines the two styles. Turned out 60 minutes of pure horror that fits into the scope of our collection, if you suddenly decided to be lazy in a wooden house, which is located in a dark forest, alone.

7. «Empty House», King Dude

A little background from the sheet and go back to a lighter sound. Heard about this dude who calls himself «the King Dude»? Not very modestly, in our opinion. So, the real name of the guy is Thomas Caudill, and he plays music that permeated the atmosphere of Bukowski and southern Gothic at the same time. He must like you, so write down the name of the cool album – «Fear». King of Dudes is a frequent speaker in Russia, although the guy from Seattle.

8. «Nuclear» Mike Oldfield

Mike is 60, and he continues to delight us with wonderful songs. Its history is inseparably connected with the recording Studio Virgin campaign, which was founded by Richard Branson. Mike Oldfield became the first major star that came out of the walls of the Studio. But «Nuclear» might be one of the most popular songs by Oldfield.

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