A new selection of 5 popular science books

Very well, when the heading of popular science books becoming a more or less traditional. In the last issue we talked about those writings that can help you learn this world. This time it will be exactly the same, but we will try to further expand the range of areas. The world is very diverse and in a sense is unlimited. In General, and you’ll understand.

1. «The shortest history of time», Stephen Hawking


Definitely add this book to the list of «to read to the end of the year», because it will be you a many more useful than the physics course that you took in high school. It is written in collaboration with prominent physicist Leonard Mlodinow. The book is a digestible presentation of scientific truths in recent years. Stephen Hawking has set a goal to explain complex, while not scaring away the General reader. Therefore, to master the book is not only possible, but interesting. It is written in simple, moving language that explains the nature of such things as black holes, quantum mechanics, superstring theory. Stephen Hawking is considered one of the most replicated and greatest minds of the modern world, and therefore the book can’t be a hack. Everyone wants to know how the universe began. Well, the answer is in this book.

2. «The higher purpose», Stephen Hawking


Another book Hawking in our collection. No, it’s not about religion, although in a sense and has attitude. The book is again written in collaboration with Leonard Mlodinow. In it Hawking on the basis of scientific facts and the latest theories trying to prove the existence of God do not have to explain the creation of the Universe. The most interesting explanation is quite controversial M-theory, which in a sense combined the different string theories. To describe in simple terms, M-theory is almost impossible, so we give it to Steven and his book «the Higher plan», which can lift the veil of secrecy many of the issues associated with the Universe and its appearance.

3. «The guilty pleasure» Alexander Pavlov


One space can not eat, so we brought you something unique. Alexander Pavlov is a sociologist and philosopher, who actively published in fashion magazines, but also don’t forget to hold lectures, which are recorded by the project «Post-science». The book talks about mass cinema and its deviant ways, such as Grindhouse, various subgenres of horror, cult cinema, etc. the Author thoroughly examines the iconic films and trying to interpret them in socio-political terms. Reading very interesting and enjoyable. This analysis can help you to more deeply evaluate these or other films that at first glance seem simple.

4. «Chrysanthemum and the sword» Ruth Benedict


One of the most amusing books on the study of Japanese culture. She is very detail reveals cultural characteristics of the Japanese, which we do not understand. Moreover, Ruth interpreterpath them in detail so that the logic of Eastern people becomes clear to the representative of European civilization. The book itself was commissioned by the US government, in order to study the habits of your opponent. The study was conducted since 1944, just at the time of the war. But a first edition for the masses was released in 1946. «Chrysanthemum and the sword» has a good Ukrainian-language adaptation, and it is easy to find online. Maybe it’s one of the best books that will be of interest to any japanophile. Chic cultural-anthropological research.

5. «The universe inside us» Neil Shubin


The book of American paleontologist who became famous for the fact that I was able to find the remains of the legendary fossil of an animal tiktaalik. Professor of biology University decided through the word and the evidence to demonstrate to the reader that the man is in kinship not only with all living organisms, but also with everything that surrounds us: stones, earth, air, planet, universe. This is an epic story of humanity, told in a pleasant and easy language that allows you to take a new look at the world around us. The scientist asks the question: «What happened when the Earth had no life?» Overall, a very interesting read, which we’re definitely recommend.

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