A new electronic book from Amazon

Dude, you must have heard about the Internet-shop Amazon. Not so long ago they began to produce their e-books, and, to tell you the truth, they were one of the best. And now the company announces a new e-book and even tablets.

Kindle Fire HD will be presented in two configurations with a screen of 17,8 cm or 22.6 cm diagonally. The company also produces already a favorite of many cheaper version and a slightly upgraded version of Tara’s Kindle e-reader.

The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos said at a conference in California that the new model will have stereo sound and a HDMI port for quick connection to TVs HD resolution. Like Kindle they will have antennas for catching WI-FI. On larger models will also release on mobile 4G connection. The Kindle Fire HD has a memory of 16 GB. There is a logical question, friend: «What distinguishes this device from a regular tablet?

Also, Jeff Bezos revealed to the world a new dedicated e-book Kindle Paperwhite, which will go on sale in early October, so far only in the us market.

It uses a screen with a higher resolution, backlit screen for reading in the dark. Bro, it is now possible to study the Kama Sutra with his girlfriend and without a flashlight!

Meanwhile, the price of the main mass model Kindle, which sells in the UK market, reduced from 88 to 69 pounds.

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