A new addition to Skyrim

Bro, think you heard about the toy Skyrim, the successor of the epic series The elder scrolls. Now, Bethesda has announced a new official add-on for Skyrim, called Hearthfire.

Paying on Steam for about $ 200, you, my friend, have a unique chance to get into their own housing! How so, you ask, warm house to store Goodies can be purchased almost in every city of the province of Skyrim. Don’t worry, man. You will be able to design and build a house for your character, and then to engage in its arrangement, hanging on the walls trophies, arranging by room, furniture and utensils. While the house has a practical purpose — with garden, workshop and alchemy lab with forge and workbench character could grow alchemical ingredients and create new potions and items. If you do all of this laziness, the app allows you to hire the assistant. Settled down, the hero will be able to bring in a spouse and have a child.

Of course, Skyrim will be even more realistic and enjoyable, but still worth to ask the question: would not this Sims with dragons??

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