A NAP in the middle of the day… slowly killing


If you observe people in public transport, the impression that fans of take a NAP very much. But it is believed that this habit may lead to premature death.

Scientists from the UK set out to solve a very relevant question about the benefits of a NAP in the middle of the day. Before the experiment, there were two completely opposite opinions. First thought: the Sandman is useful because it helps to make up for the lost hours of sleep. Second thought: a NAP is harmful because it disrupts sleep and affects the emotional and hormonal background of a person.

The study involved middle-aged and elderly. The control group consisted of 16 000 people, aged 40 to 79. They were selected in the presence and absence of the habit of Napping at noon or after work. Sampling occurred between 1998 and 2000. For thirteen years, the researchers followed the health of almost 16,000. The observation results were disappointing.

The researchers found that the participants who were Napping each day a total of less than an hour, had health problems. 14 percent of the subjects died before the age of 70 years. Health problems from those who did not have the habit to NAP during the day, it was much less. The percentage of deaths during the 13 years of the experiment among them were also low.

But the situation with the fans to sleep more than an hour at worst. Almost 32 percent studied who had the habit, died. Health problems and bad habits (obesity, Smoking, alcoholism) were found in dormice is far more common than in other representatives of control groups.

It is worth noting that some of the people who loved to doze off, he died due to respiratory illnesses and are not diagnosed diseases. At the moment, scientists only published the preliminary results of the experiments, now they analyze the data to understand the exact causes of health disorders due to shallow sleep. It is believed that sleep disrupts the hormonal balance of a person and affects the brain. But this is only speculation.

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