A naked man and a bag of sex toys


Naked man walks into a bar with a bag full of Dildo, and asks: «what’s the problem, guys?» Sounds like the beginning to a stupid American jokes, but this is a real story that happened in Britain.

51-year-old man came to the bar The White Hart last Wednesday with a huge bag full of artificial members. Of course, that the views of all visitors were drawn to our hero, who said that beating the shit out of anyone who won’t like it. However, he quickly calmed down and said he could go if someone straining his appearance, go out on the street to fight with someone who has something against. Dude, by the way, went to the bar to waltz. Until he approached the children in this pub, no one thought to call the police. Hero took the bag with the Dildo away. Why is he acting like that? Because he was on drugs the amphetamine.


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