A movie that is better not to watch with a friend: a psychological Thriller

Dude, we’re not to explain why a cold winter evening is best done with a friend. But there are lonely days when I want a little break from noisy parties and romantic dinners. At this point an assistant will be the good old genre of the Thriller that will take you on a little shake and may give food for thought. To watch these movies alone or with friends-bearded is up to you.

1. Saw: the Game of survival / Saw (2004)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_ycAG1l0yHwgytThe budget of the first film of the series amounted to little more than a million dollars, which by the standards of modern movie – funny money. But in its debut weekend rental the creators of «Saw» received a lot of response, collecting 18 times more than it spent. On this wave, it was decided about the sequel. Altogether 7 pieces, combined some characters and storyline. In 2010, before the release of «Saw 3D», the series was listed in the Guinness book of records as the most successful horror movie series of all time. Perhaps, it is time to meet with a terminally ill serial killer named John, better known under the pseudonym «Designer».

Most people in our world is absolutely not value life. But not you, not now.

2. Law abiding citizen / Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_AsLQIxBB3BXSBHistory on the eternal theme of how the world is unfair. Long story about the plot is pointless, it should stay with the hero Gerard Buttler named Clyde Shelton. The man whose family was murdered and did not suffer due punishment, of course, seeks justice. But will it have Clyde to play by the rules, keeping the mind and self-esteem? «Law abiding citizen» is good because it combines elements of classic Thriller and deep psychological drama.

To win, beat in the heart of the enemy.

3. The Game / The Game (1997)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_8SyuBTjnUIK8IWhat is our life? Sometimes it is very difficult to separate the game from what’s really going on. This thin line is erased for the wealthy and successful of Nicholas van Orton received a birthday certificate for the services of a «service entertainment». As it turns out later, the game, which involved a businessman, takes a very serious turn. Psychological techniques of Director David Fincher forced to follow closely the events of the film, and the cast is flawless – believe that it’s real.

And don’t ask what the goal of the game. To find out is your goal.

4. The Experiment / Das Experiment (2001)

Work.com.ua_11.01.2015_u1RrwKSxbcUypThis Thriller is literally stirred the public in the beginning of the century: adaptation of the famous Stanford experiment is based on real events. In the study, male volunteers divided into 2 groups: 8 guards and 12 prisoners, put them in real prison and offer a good reward at the end of the experiment. Of course, at some point things get out of control, subjects behave aggressively and wildly, unable to use that power. It is worth noting that in America in 2010 was filmed a remake of this film, which features some plot moves and final picture.

I don’t believe in coincidence. Nothing just happens. Even the worst things have a deeper meaning.

5. The number 23 / The Number 23 (2007)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_D5cECyi4hyLDBProbably the best dramatic role of Jim Carrey. His hero, an ordinary guy, Walter Sparrow, radically changed after his hand gets novel «the Number 23». He begins to look for math around the fatal, doomed to suffer themselves and their families. Moreover, Walter makes to believe that the world is not just a series of coincidences: everything is subject to the number 23.

Sometimes choose easy, and sometimes not. But it was a hard choice makes us human.

6. Buried alive / Buried (2010)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_EVsGypzLV6OixAll the action of this film takes place in a closed space is a coffin. We can say that this Thriller – a benefit for Ryan Reynolds, whose share fell to be alone under the ground. Or rather, not Ryan, and his hero, Sex Counter, which is a driver in Iraq under the contract. The only thing that connects him with the outside world – a mobile phone, but manage to escape, hoping for a few calls?

Start to appreciate life when I was about ready to lose it.

7. Seven / Se7en (1995)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_szQnOBCm5OE2rAnother brilliant work by David Fincher. In the picture we have to see 7 days 7 committed brutal murders, each of which meets a mortal sin. To investigate the matter entrusted to that’s going to retire William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and a young David mills (brad pitt). Interchange chase imagines himself the instrument of God the killer, John DOE (Kevin spacey) is perhaps one of the most shocking and unexpected scenes of modern cinema.

Hemingway once wrote: «the World is beautiful. It’s worth fighting for». With the second sentence, I agree.

8. Oldboy / Oldeuboi (2003)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_4lhPHZCdswgnnCult South Korean film about the plight of businessman Oh Dae-su, who spent 15 years in prison in solitary confinement with no Windows. His only entertainment was TV, where most often it is not the most pleasant news. On the death of his wife, for example. Besides, he is the Prime suspect in the murder. Once free, About De su pursues only one goal – to find his daughter and take revenge on those who stand for his unjust suffering. Quentin Tarantino, being in the jury of the Cannes film festival in 2004, called the film «an absolute masterpiece».

You can find the right answers to the wrong questions.

9. 1408 (2007)

manygoodtips.com_11.01.2015_7vlsxQkvSHYd3This American Thriller based on the novel by Stephen king, tells a very interesting story. The writer enjoys the paranormal, decided to test the myths about poltergeist and a Ghost in my own skin. For this purpose he settled in the famous room of the Dolphin hotel, despite warnings from the Manager. Nightmare night Mike Enslin was perceived by many viewers too depressing, so the movie has several alternative endings.

Do not try to get rid of the memories, we must learn to live with them.

10. Captive / Prisoners (2013)

Zaradi.com.ua_11.01.2015_C6U8ZaCKmtKN1The worst nightmare for parents to lose a child. Little daughter of Keller Dover goes missing along with his girlfriend. The police are investigating, but for the parents time very long stretches, and hope to find them alive is gradually fading. Considering that the role of Keller takes the Hugh Jackman character from the character all right – he is taken for the investigation on their own. It should be noted that Jake Gyllenhaal also plays in «the Captives», is a new way to look at the familiar cinematic image of the police.

The disappearance of children is our war with God, so the people lost faith and became demons like you.

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