A Molotov cocktail is the weapon of the proletariat


They say that the stone — weapon of the working class, but it’s a little true. The stone may not penetrate the armor of a tank, kill tank; stone the maximum that can is successful to take place at the grave of the one who dumped him.

In place of the stone came a thing that is simple and ingenious, but most importantly — it is extremely easy to operate. It’s a Molotov cocktail, or Molotov cocktail».

The first who used it in battle, were representatives of Spanish Republicans who fought against Franco’s tanks. Despite the very imperfect construction of the tanks of the time, we can say with confidence that the person on inferior tank during the First world war had a much greater chance of survival than a person without a tank, but with a warm heart. Just want something to throw a bottle with a «surprise» in the ventilation of the tank — and it’s in the bag! Foe roast in the oven, well, or tank will be out of action. When hit by a bottle in the engine-transmission compartment tank its content completely disabling the engine. It was possible to take «language» and drag it to the headquarters.


After Spain bottles came in almost every country in the world. In Russia, according to legend, they came from Finland after the Russo-Finnish war. Hot Finnish guys with pleasure have used a Molotov cocktail on the Russian tanks. How this name come from? There are several versions. The first has Finnish roots. In the midst of world war II, Soviet troops desperately bombed the capital of Finland, and not to confuse the people of the rumors defaming the good name of «unbreakable Union» (because then the authority and infallibility of the Soviet Union was for many proletarians axiom), the then foreign Minister Molotov said that the Moscow Helsinki delivers humanitarian aid. Learning about such a cynical statement by the Minister, the Finns were not happy and called the bombing the «food basket of Molotova» and derisively dubbed the firebombs, «Molotov cocktails». The other version is shorter and simpler: the Russian soldiers liked the bottle, and they named them after Molotov. However, this version does not explain the fact that almost the entire war the notorious «cocktail» was called «Molotov cocktails» and avoided using the phrase «Molotov cocktail».


In the first days of the war bottle was rescued, and on July 14, 1941, they officially entered service with the Soviet army. The first «cocktail» was a bottle of gasoline, in which was stuck a piece of tow or cloth which has been moistened with petrol. Obviously, this was not only inefficient, but dangerous. The first attempt of Soviet troops to improve the structure of the arms was the idea to tie the neck of the bottle a few matches that was ignited by the friction of the boxes. In August there was also another type of coffee. Mechanism, igniting the mixture, is performed with a mixture of sulfuric acid, potassium chlorate and powdered sugar. The next stage of evolution «cocktail» was a bottle with a rifle cartridge, the explosion which occurred after contact of the mixture with the powder.


The basis for the Molotov cocktail was served beer or vodka bottle: form fit. The Soviet army had taken several kinds of incendiary. First, it is the famous mix of the COP (aka «cat mix» and «old Cognac»), which was a flammable mixture of sulfur and phosphorus. It was one of the best types of incendiary (actually, he still is). The mixture instantly took fire and burned to 3 minutes at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. The mixture was sticky, I covered the glass of the tank, and acrid smoke turned the lives of his crew in physical hell, getting at the man too, entailed unpleasant consequences: burns caused by this questionable non-alcoholic «drink», healed with difficulty.


The second type of steel of a mixture of No. 1 and 3, which burned for only a minute and at a temperature of 800 degrees. Their recipe we will not explain because it is very easy and besides we don’t know you and you are not sure that you do not burn tomorrow our editorial. Just to say that black smoke and an impressive stickiness was added to the enemies of thrills. In fact, these compounds became the basis for the creation in 1942 of Napalm.

Until now, the Molotov cocktail is still available and original way of fighting for their rights. Just the same!

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