A Midsummer night’s dream

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_R1TAXNIBNZZdKOne of the most difficult problems of your life, to sleep a hot summer night. Heat and humidity interfere with sleep, forced to endlessly toss and turn in search of the correct posture allows you to feel the slightest breath of wind. How to solve this problem? To turn on the air conditioner. And if not? To buy air conditioning. And if that fails? To sleep under the fan. And if it’s too cold, and you’re afraid of catching cold? Oh, what a picky! Then here are a few old techniques that make a summer dream fresh and enjoyable.

Cotton way

Save the satin, silk, polyester for cool nights. Bright bed linen of cotton perfectly «breathes» and is perfect for night ventilation. You will rot, that’s for sure.

Freezer help

Can just stand a few moments in front of an open freezer and thus ruin the refrigerator. But it is better to put something frozen in a bag and attach to a boiling head. Semi-finished products does not save you from an Inferno all night, but a slight refreshment break before bed you’ll get. After this strange procedure immediately to sleep. Appreciate the cooling effect.

Sleep like an Egyptian

Don’t want to Wake up in a small lake of his own sweat – ask the Egyptians what to do. The inhabitants of the banks of the Nile, knew that need. The so-called «Egyptian method» involves moistening of the sheets or towels in cold water and use it as a blanket. We recommend you to cover the sheets with a dry towel, once again not to wet the mattress. Preyuschey mattress is too fun not pleasant.

Oh, nudity

Sleep naked. Well, or at least in his underpants. Although we understand that only a crazy person would wear pajamas on hot summer nights. And however!

The makeshift air conditioning

For this method you will need the ice. A lot of ice! Gaining a pan of water in the solid aggregate state, and put it in front of a fan and voila! – you’re wonderful! The cold air that rise from the freezing waters, will be extended to all parties. The only thing all night such freshness is not enough. But towards the end of the night you won’t care. Improvised air conditioner will be enough at least to fall asleep, because the main problem of summer nights is Mata from the heat does not go into the arms of Morpheus immediately. So stuffy that it was difficult to sleep.


The old Indian method: put the fan in front of the window so that the hot air from outside is passed through the rotating blades and slowly cooled. Hear what’s the catch? Make heat breeze. Not to say that it radically solves the problem, but there is a good judge. Just trust me. But if you install several fans in front of all Windows, you can send a apartment in the little ice age.

However, there is one caveat: if the weather is very hot and the fan is too weak, then it will just rapidly move the hot air around the apartment.

Ice pulse

Pamper your pulse points. Know what it is and where it is? No? Let me explain. Take a cold towel or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, or frozen meatballs, attached to points on the wrists, neck, elbows, groin (just don’t freeze yourself out there), ankles and under the knees. Before going to sleep. I hope freezer cool you don’t cheer, and the dream will not disappear with the sensation of heat.

Lone wolf

Don’t let its bed any women. The woman sweat and make your lair with a calm cool oasis in a sticky pit of despair. You know, to the point of contact of your bodies will arise abundant layer of sweat. Pleasant enough, so it’s best to refrain and be a lone wolf. Of course, if there is such a possibility.


If you’re in the country or just enterprising even in the four city walls, pompousity, Wake up your slumbering inner Tarzan (we mean not the husband of Natasha Koroleva, which turns an ACE in front of rich ladies, but which ran through the jungle with the monkeys). How to do it? Sleep in a hammock. Exotic way, but very refreshing. If you’re on the street, it is all wonderful. All the cool of the night to your service. If at home, too. From of ulevaade air. It is, of course, will not fall apart and will spread the legs as on a conventional bed, but nothing, eventually, barely leaving his carcass hanging on the canvas, you go into the realm of dreams. There are two pitfalls: it is necessary to manage not to fall from it (but for the experienced Robinson is not a problem), and the mesh sleeping uncomfortable for many too hard, so making something.

Most importantly, believe you can fix a hammock in his apartment. You’re a man, you can. Only not fixing to plasterboard wall.

Do not eat got

The intensive work of the stomach also contributes to the increase in body temperature. So in the evening it is better not to eat foods that take a long time to digest (meat, hard vegetables, fatty and fried foods. Alcohol better to just give up, because that bastard irritates the nervous system, interfering with you right to sleep.

As for other drinks, of course, limit your intake of caffeine.This means that you need to not just give up on coffee before bedtime, but also from tea, chocolate, Cola and other sticky baits. If suddenly the evening want to drink something cold, stop your choice on a simple mineral water.

Keep the balance of water

Continuing the theme of water. During sleep you will lose a lot of moisture, you may Wake up in the night by shouting from the dehydrated body and depressed popletutsya to the kitchen to replenish internal reserves. Drink twenty minutes before sleeping a glass, no more, and all will pass without incident.

A cold shower

A cold shower in the summer before sleep takes on new shades: he doesn’t just wash off the nasty sweat and reduces the body temperature, so leaving room feel fresh and pleasant clean if you came from sea water. However, when you come out of the sea, say, at the beach of Anapa, really want to wash.

Sleep on the floor

Hot air always rises. Therefore, in case effectively come the old-fashioned method of dealing with the heat – sleeping on the floor. Check to see if you have a high bed. Just drag the mattress on the floor and try it. The difference is impressive. On the floor, and really better.

Turn off the lights

Disgustingly obvious and banal advice. Light bulbs (even the environmentally friendly, compact fluorescent and themselves) produce heat. Fortunately, in summer it gets dark later. Although you still go in the morning, night owls. Ideally after sunset to use the light on low, and in General any technique. But it is clear that it is virtually impossible, so at least the lights turn off. And even better, half an hour before sleeping off in his room that generates heat and give the room, so to speak, to cool down, and life will sparkle with new colors.

Gadgets and other small appliances were also turned off at night. And the smallest of them produce heat, even when just lying idle. Not only that, it reduces the overall level of heat in the house, so more electricity is saved.

Prostenochnyj method

Another antiquated method. Take a sheet, wet in cold water, hang it in front of the window and watching how it makes the air in the room more musty, but cool. However, at night you can Wake up from lack of oxygen, as the sheet dries. Therefore, it is still better to sleep. You’d be surprised how quickly a wet blanket throws heat.

All from the legs

The body is a strange thing. Do not have to put himself entirely under the water. Pretty feet immersed and you will feel the freshness. You can even put a basin of water before bed, and just that, at the slightest indication that beginning bake – lower legs.

The street is waiting for

When it was about hammocks, we mentioned that it would be nice to sleep on the street, if possible. So, again: it would be nice to sleep on the street. You can even on the balcony. If you live in a normal typical high-rise building, do not rush to pull out your bed in the yard. Not understand.

Posture matters

The right summer sleeping posture also has its charm. Don’t need shrinks into a ball or fetal position. The best way is to put their members out of bed on all sides so that air can better circulate. The body temperature will fall and this will give a feeling of freshness. The hit of the season – to Wake up without sweaty palms. But this can only favorites.

Nature will help

If you love nature and appreciate the environmental friendliness, buy newfangled mattresses of straw or bamboo are good for passionate nights. In contrast to the soft feather bed and puffy mattress, these natural sleeping surface you don’t care about how to maintain your warmth. In summer is particularly valuable.

Grains help

And to bamboo feather perfect buckwheat pillow. You heard right, the buckwheat pillow, is the pillow stuffed with buckwheat grain. Yes, it serves not only for food, a bag of it costs about 500 rubles. Unlike the vaunted cotton, buckwheat does not absorb heat.

And for cold compress the hot nights there is another cereal method: fill a sock with rice and put it in the freezer for an hour or so. The wrap will remain cold for the next 30 minutes. This time is more than enough to go to sleep.

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