A Mature person, according to Maslow

Abraham Maslow, the one that at the time created quite a controversial pyramid of needs did not stop there and has continued to explore the human in human society. And now, it’s in his head one day to find factors of the psychological maturity of the person. Some points cause confusion and anxiety for the professional ability famous psychologist, and some are just brilliant. Maslow himself believed that individuals who have listed them with quality, account for only 1% of the population and are a kind of model «quality person» is psychologically healthy and maximum expressing the human nature. We removed all unnecessary, and it turned out the man who many people do not like, but in a polluted society is quite normal when you don’t like unlike.

A more adequate perception of reality

The fashion and era impose stereotypical thinking: thoughts like everyone, think like everyone be like everyone else. Whether imposed by such a distorted view of thinking healthy? Of course not. Therefore, a Mature person does not pay attention to such silly nuances here. Imposed society doctrine completely kill the human desire for knowledge, but our hero is not so, it implies that the unknown, no matter how it is popular with most.

The simplicity and boldness

Try to be easier, as Maslow called simplicity and courage among the virtues that distinguish a Mature person. He just has everything and proved everything, and such nonsense, he had no reason to waste time. It is absolutely self-sufficient person, «luxurious figure,» wrote Gogol. One only his appearance makes it clear to the crowd, with whom she has the honor to communicate. And he is not in the habit off, because understands: with the help of simplicity it is much easier to win over people.

Conscious conformism

«Observance of established rituals, traditions and ceremonies, but the attitude to them with a good sense of humor,» wrote Maslow. It’s not automatic, but a conscious conformity at the level of outer behavior. Because it is possible without end to consider himself a revolutionary and to Express their civil position in the kitchen debate and social networks, but it remains a usual blowhard who protest for the sake of protest. You can read and understand the absurdity of religion, but to go catching pokemon in the temple would be silly.

In this position there is nothing cowardly. A Mature person understands that the protest room will not solve anything. Grievances that should not, in effect, the act of winding the nerves responsible for those same principles. Non-conformism that is limited to the words — rotten bluff.Business focus

Such people are usually busy with themselves and their life task. However, even in such a boring lesson like a job for a milling machine, they find creative. Here carved detail. You can make it as a hit, and you can make the effort, diligence and responsibility, then the item will work for a miracle. And the secret is that they correlate their activities with universal values and tend to consider it from the perspective of eternity and not the moment. This not only improves skills, but also allows you to define their life’s purpose.

Position of detachment in relation to many events

When planes fall and explode station is bad, very bad. But every day such tragedies becomes more and more, and all tears will not be enough. Can consider this position a beastly, inhuman and totally ubludki, but it is only a global indicator. If you narrow it down to the micro-scale of the individual, it means that failures like breakup or a scandal to survive without too much drama. Better to take a step back and go take your 18 birch under the window. This helps relatively quietly endure trouble and be less susceptible to influences from the outside. But to step back — not to score.

Finding every time new in the already known

Perhaps this is the only way not to lose interest in life. Everything that is happening around, eerily monotonous and trite. And not to lie on the sofa all day sticky sweat, depression Smoking at the ceiling, you will have to refresh your perception. You may have noticed that the same day the nine-storey building may look different: as a piece of gray crap or luxurious white stone castle. As with all things, from the route to work and ending the family dinner. Try to look at familiar things from a different angle, to change something in their lives — will be interesting. There’s no other way out, otherwise life will be to blame.

Autonomy and independence from the environment

Do not give in to the opinions of others, for God’s sake, keep your uniqueness, no matter how charming may seem mediocre. This is your only chance to make history, of course, if you don’t have birth defects like egg on his forehead.

This does not mean that you should avoid communicating with people, God forbid! Delhi just everything they say, by ten, each indicated item to analyze. If it is not contrary to common sense, such as Smoking, bodimodifikatsii or skinny pants, squeezing the testicles, something that you can borrow yourself.

A sense of community with humanity as a whole

It’s horrible, it’s disgusting and creepy. Absolutely, all the troubles from him — cursed humanity. But you’re exactly the same. Well done, resist fashion, not inclined to the charismatic authority of the opinion of others, but by and large, you’re just better than everyone else. Your actions and rituals are «human» that neither the people of Atlantis spread to the shoulders or to svergnutomu you do not carry. Remember this. A Mature person remembers it and does not separate himself from the vicious mass when she scolded.Close friendships and a life without strife

You cannot be friends with everyone. Especially, deeply and sincerely — is simply impossible. There is only a narrow, samoustraniajutsia the circle that you can be yourself and tell about what not to say to anyone else. This is what is called friendship, everything else is nothing more than a society.

In General, people need to be more or less friendly, no hostility. After all, consenting adults, what agrisa? Moreover it is known that rage to anything good will not. Well, you show your dislike, will send a person and he will send you. And that will go together, holding hands?

Democracy in relationships. Willingness to learn from others

The longer I live, the more I realize that all these canons like marriage only and for all life, human and oaths are meaningless for our time traditions is complete nonsense. The world is different, and then shit all set before us as a measure of morality is stupid. When told that Lenin is sacred, tomorrow they will say that pasta is better than the Buddha.

All this is a society of stereotypes, including age and gender. But a Mature man knows that women and guy, and deep old there is always something to learn. And this openness plays great on the hand.

A sense of humor

Loved Maslow’s sense of humor when so often wrote about it. Mature man got in my life so many kicks and slap, he’s not ashamed to laugh at themselves. He relates with humor to life in General and to himself, but someone’s handicap or adversity never considered funny. It is not deducted from fables the rich man laughs at the poor, no such meanness, he does not allow it. And jokes about the disabled, who «get stuck» where-that disappear. Because I understand that word can be very painful to hurt people. And people who were not so lucky and doesn’t deserve humiliation by lucky bastard.

Critical attitude to the culture to which it belongs

It is crucial that he needs to criticize it was worth. He just chooses the good and rejects the bad. Some would call it betrayal, lack of patriotism and «liberal meanness.» But by and large this is common sense. To feel more like a representative of humanity as a whole and not just one culture — it is also normal, and thus it is possible to be a patriot. Would such people more, you may be the world feel better. It is foolish to love the darkness and ignorance of their own people just because you and him have a passport of the same color. This position is no slave in her of love for the Fatherland more than blind adherence to imposed ideals.

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