A married couple robbed a Bank together with the children


So, dude, the age of criminals is clearly falling. And very.

A couple in Utah decided to Rob a Bank. The main role took a wife who went to the Bank to Rob. And the husband waited in the car with children, is somehow not quite bro! We do not do so!

The woman went to the Bank, silently handed the cashier a note demanding money. He silently counted her 100 thousand dollars, and she came out with money on the street. With the note? What the hell was that, what was written there? «You’re cute, give me the money?» or «I Have a gun in the car, give me the money, and then I run and shoot all nafig!» It is not clear.

However, the police quickly found our heroes. Same car, same people and the same money. What made a married couple to do so? According to the wife, which unlike men have the balls to take such a step they were forced to go poor financial position: for the debts of the family could take home. And that was pretty good.

Now the pair is threatening even more trouble.

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