A manual for life

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2014_adUG89gOOzS85Here you’ll always find tips for living every day. But this list of tips, I assure you, should attach to people at birth, directly to the right heel. Why? Because our lives are pretty simple, but we purposely complicate it. These tips, compiled by skilled advisers will help you get back to a normal life and not to soar around the world with their insignificant problems.

1. Have a firm handshake

This does not mean that you need to squeeze the hand of the guy, just want to squeeze from it the juice of a lemon. Just do it without hesitation, with feeling and slight compression.

2. Always look people in the eye

But not only in the eye. Look at the man’s face. The fact that gaze in my eyes always means some aggression. Remember the two cats look at each other for a certain time? Here is aggression, Yes! In addition, look to the side a bit awkward.

3. Feel free to sing in the shower

Yeah, dude, this is an important life advice. The problem is that everyone needs an emotional release: someone draws, someone collects puzzles, and someone sings in the shower. I agree that after a small «concert» under the water jets, it is somehow simpler and clearer.

4. If the fight begins, and nowhere to run, hit first

To hell with these concepts of «turn the left cheek when hit in the right» if everything goes to fight, to beat rapidly and strongly. Here in this article, by the way, controversial.

5. Save the secrets

Why talk them to everyone you meet? Of course, if you will be tortured, that’s another story, but if someone you trusted a secret, albeit small, means that he trusts you, do not fail him!

6. Do not be sad and do not wait for a miracle

Just calm down and start again. If done correctly, will be and in your street a holiday.

7. Be bold. If you’re scared, pretend

A brave man, and the man who still stsykotno, looks about the same. If he is mentally healthy and he has a sense of self-preservation, it will still feel fear. He’s alive, but so you’ll at least be fixed!

8. Avoid sarcastic remarks

You don’t like a man? Why are you wasting precious time trying to dunk it into a puddle of mud if you think there is the place? Just whatever you do, it solves!

9. Choose a girl carefully

Never fall in love with that girl (or pretend to love), which was shown to you a semblance of interest. Love and relations must be reciprocity. Of course, sometimes the saying «it runs in the family» works, but not as often as you want.

10. If someone asks you to read a book, give only those that you’re not going to bite their elbows

Foolishly emotional I gave one friend a collection of the novels of one of my favorite authors. The book was gone, and the friend said that he doesn’t know where she is. And what do I do now, to beat his face? Painfully disappointing.

11. Give people a second chance, but don’t let the third

Do you think they will perceive you as a generous person? No, they will think you’re a fool, which you can ride!

12. Be romantic

You, it’s hard to walk arm in arm with his girlfriend at the waterfront and tell her all sorts of affection? Romance is not a candlelight dinner and sex on the slippery silk sheets. Is that is while sincere attachment to another person, in caring and other cool things. Romantic be ashamed, ashamed to be stale.

13. Learn how to play and win

You have literally crushed his enemies? Keep going further in life, nothing that will dramatically change your life, so you then never had to worry, not happened. You not lifted up to Olympus, you are not allowed to enter the dirt just happen some things. They always happen.

14. Always think twice before going to reveal some secrets

Suppose that this man will never reveal your secrets. But you deliberately put on his shoulders the burden is not a Fig that responsibility and the realization that he knows something special. It’s a bit annoying, right?

15. When someone hugs you, let them let you go first

Most people will not care, but if you do so constantly, they will think that you are not comfortable with their hugs.

16. Be humble

Most of the big things in life are made before you were born. Most will be made after. May all your PERSONAL achievements in relation to the human have no meaning, so you’re not important!

17. Don’t burn bridges, you’d be surprised how many times you have to cross the same river

If we leave the father’s house, a big chance that we’ll go back there. If we leave the native city, there is no guarantee that we’re not going back there. If we want to meet some girls, where is the guarantee that following our lady will not be the same? There are no guarantees!

18. Live life so that your only epitaph was «I regret nothing»

Because pity is the worst thing that can happen to us. It is a constant brain gum.

19. Have a strong opinion on a particular issue. Don’t let others decide for you

Let it be his own, made only for you, but it will be exclusively native.

20. Marry only for love

In the calculation of the ass, it’s «she is beautiful, good cooks and very obedient». One must get married only for love, otherwise in a year you will see that next to you absolutely a stranger, who even cooks you delicious food that is infinitely distant from you in all respects.

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