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manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_GOKMTFEvXGLwBDespite emancipation, ladies are still using phrases like «man should…», «this man should…», «if a man does not know how, he is not a man» and stuff like that. Of course, in fairness it should be noted that we have your list of qualities for the perfect woman.

Girls think that these things we acquire from birth, as any race or species abilities. If we do not have them, almost any lady will be surprised and might record us in the category of «not-men». Unfortunately, to explain to them that you were never interested in football or the technique of cooking fish on the grill is often impossible: it is all for you to decide. These skills will come in handy for anyone, so they need to — if not for a woman, for a loved one.

1. Kebab grill, barbecue

Some guys sure have the ability to perfectly grill meat outdoors just because fate gave them a member. Raw, half-baked or turned into charcoal, the meat after the first attempt to prepare it as a hint that they are absolutely wrong. Choose the right marinade to cook meat and roast it special, one of the many ways is a true art, which are not easy to learn. In the eyes of any woman’s ability to cook not only meat, but also vegetables and corn, and pellet — a huge plus that you can brag to your friends and parents. I don’t care what you’re gonna do it once a year! Cool the ability to cook is a great hobby, believe me manygoodtips.com.

2. To use a manual transmission

It is a sign of strict and a real man in the eyes of a large number of people. This is actually a great skill that can save you in any situation, for example when you need to prove to my friend home, and his car had a manual transmission. The advantage of full control over the running of the machine.

3. Change tires

Nothing surprising the girl as the inability to change the damaged tire. The lady says: «All men love cars and everything connected with them. If he is unable to put in order all the «innards» of the car, then at least «shoes» change required.» And it is a really great skill because to pay someone to change the only wheel that you have in stock, somehow… illogical?

4. To nail, to pin and use the drill

If the subject fell off the hinges, it is necessary to return to the place. Sure any girl. If a man is unable to get the drill, pick an appropriate drill to make a hole and hang back a picture or any other thing, it can cause a shock. If she tells about this to his mother, and most likely will doubt your manhood, despite your bold claims that there are men who hammer in a nail, and there are those who pay. The mother of your sweetheart will be absolutely right: to pay for nail — absolute nonsense. It’s almost the same as to pay the man so he threw you in the trash. It is best to do these things yourself and not pay someone for such a trifle.

5. To fix anything

Of course, if the girl is not stupid, she would not require from you repairing a complex device that requires a special skill. But to glue the Wallpaper to fix the wobbly leg of the table, put the Windows, replace circuit breakers, fix there is a wire or include embossed tube is the skill that should be possessed by every normal man. In extreme cases, the girl expects you to diagnostic problems and interest in broken things before you send it to the trash or call a specialist.

6. Assemble furniture

At least the products of Ikea and similar furniture stores. Our life experience shows that this can handle even a woman. If you are not able to follow the simplest instruction how to build a table from three pieces of wood, it’s a very bad sign. And it’s not that you’re not a man or absolutely stupid and unfit for life. The problem is that you’re a summer person! Most likely, you’re able to learn how to do such a simple thing, just don’t want to bathe! And all these «man must either pay, or make» — the usual justification for your unwillingness to get your hands dirty.

7. To paint the fence, to saw wood, dig up flower bed or to mow the grass

And other country messes. You come with a friend in the village to her parents and you urgently contracts for household work. And you don’t know how to do it! In the eyes of her family, you are falling rapidly to the status of the office of CIT, but if you enthusiasm to chop wood or care the Grim Reaper will destroy the dense weeds in the garden of the parents of your passions, you will automatically pump up to the level of an incredible man. In addition, you will immediately see allies in the ranks of her family!

Favor agricultural skills for life is evident. You want, for example, to do good, to drop everything and dump in the village, and all will have to learn on their own!

8. To be able to navigate on the site on the card or not

Read in a magazine the phrase «men are better oriented on the ground, because they’re hunters» made the fairer sex to fully shift responsibility on our shoulders in the event of loss of orientation in space. Practice shows that get lost and can find men and women with equal frequency, differing only in their approaches to the memorization of landmarks. Find your location on the map, memorize the road and ask passers-by questions is a useful skill for everyone.

9. To clear the car and driveway from the piles of snow

No comment.

10. To protect his woman

From what? So from anything. For example, from direct insults of other people or from attacking. If you ignore the image of the girl, she is hardly like.

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