A man robbed a diner with forks


In NORCROSS, Georgia, police seeking man who robbed a Waffle House restaurant northeast of Atlanta. The suspect was armed with a pitchfork, which was handled very skillfully.

50-year-old Jeffery Wooten entered the diner in NORCROSS on Thursday evening, armed with a pitchfork. Threats the man made to visitors and employees of the institution to gather in the back room. He then grabbed the cash register and started to leave.

The output is Geoffrey threw his pitchfork and tried to get in the car, but the two workers grabbed the weapon and chased Vatanam. Until the offender started to the truck, the victims broke the window of the truck, Jeffrey and may have caused him injured. Despite the resistance, the offender fled the scene.

It is noteworthy that this is not the only restaurant robbed Jeffrey this year with the help of the fork.

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