A man of which dreams are your friend

manygoodtips.com_12.01.2015_v4gPs6Ojd02GMSurely you know that almost all women on the planet believe that real men don’t exist. A «real man» is a fictional character who lives in the world of women. They invented it themselves and trying to cultivate his image to the masses. While they can’t do it, which is not surprising. Women.

So far we know only that they have many claims against us, they are desperately trying to make us a certain ideal. Although not the fact that this perfection will suit them. It is important for us to stay at his, silently ignore their pleas and reproaches. But still, we need to know about which dream women. We are sure that you will find a couple of traits of a real man.

1. Loves and respects

You have to admire her friend and accept her for who she is. Yes, it is hard to make and achieve perfection in this business is extremely difficult, so I have to try. You must not only love her body and invigorating sex with him, but also all of its contents. In this case, refers to the fact that you have to love her soul. And with it, its stupid and silly character units. The legend says: if you really love her, you won’t change it, even if in addition to your beloved will ride the cellulite and twenty extra pounds.

2. Honesty

Bad liars will be burned under mayonnaise crust. You don’t have to lie must be true and honest. Well, that’s fine. After all, loyalty is the key to a healthy relationship. But that’s how you to combine your long-awaited trip to the sauna with friends and the absence of lies? All because of a bearded stereotypes. Friend confident that, together with the pass to the sauna on your hands will give a couple of young prostitutes, whom you must please, otherwise the will of the woman he loves will not be released.

3. Support

You have to protect and support her not only physically, but emotionally. This is also true and justified requirement, except that you can’t be perfect in everything, especially through the lens of the female gaze. Your men’s responsibilities are to ensure the financial security of your family, the ability to physically protect their woman and a lot of what. Now think about whose side you stand in the event of a global bloody scandal if the choice is between a mother and a wife.

4. Sex

Your sexual satisfaction is through her mental. To get your little sex you have to pave the way for a period of time, and perhaps a couple of hours. You have to prepare a friend emotionally, to create a favorable atmosphere. Then have an incredibly long and stimulating, however, not boring foreplay. And not the fact that you still will not get the deck after this superhuman effort. But you can fortunate, if your friend happened to hear the groans of a neighbor and to the second excited, turned into a slutty hooker and attacked you and your cock. You don’t have a choice, but that’s why you can’t always afford equal depravity to the address of a friend.

5. Initiative

Of course, it should be in your hands. Because that’s what you in the family deservedly wear the pants. I don’t care what they picked up your woman, you male! You don’t have to wait for it to solve some problem. Ended subscription on the x-rated channel? Continue it and enjoy. You have to take the initiative in your hand. Or hands.

6. Tough decisions

She wants you to be tough not only during sex. Sometimes, when you listen to the dreamy voice of friends, who describe her «Prince», you’d think they actually want to fall into the hands of a domestic tyrant. But that’s why they then complain of excessive cruelty on your part? After all, you do what she wants, what can be claim?

7. Responsibility

You must be able not only make categorical decisions, but also to bear for them full responsibility. Do not try to shift all the blame on her or the cat. Better learn to talk about what you regret. After all, if you already messed up, nothing you can’t fix, at least enough to simply plead guilty.

8. Mind-related

You have to sound only a sound thought because then you will have to keep his word. So don’t tell her ahead of time that today you will do everything to make her ending better suspension thoroughly all the factors, otherwise you are waiting for the next unexpected scandal.

9. Family

Now your family – she, the children and your animals. The woman is sure that you must immerse yourself in family wilds and cut off all communication with the outside world. Friends already in the habit of silence pass by you, and you don’t even notice it. Sorry, your renunciation of this full life is not always the woman’s fault. Sometimes you yourself from laziness and lack of money score in Sunday’s meeting with friends, but you can always blame it on the girlfriend, we don’t mind.

10. Hobby

So, you must have an interesting hobby in which you have to achieve perfection, only that girls can not always explain, how you can combine an all-consuming relationship with her favorite leisure activities. You have to beat Daron, if the last hour spent searching for her G-spot, but not on the tabs?

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