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manygoodtips.com_17.07.2015_msGzsvPB0yahqUnpleasant to many, the word «cattle» has quite a clear interpretation: people who allow themselves to be exploited. But before the so-called cattle. The Word itself is of Polish origin, but it has successfully migrated into our language and has long been widely used. Every country has their rednecks, for example, in the United States as an example, cattle can be rednecks. In General, our list of «typical rednecks» will start from General ideas and concepts of literature, that he was not too subjective.

1. The inability to think for themselves

Much easier to take advantage of the ideas that you pulled from the top. The less you know – sleep tight. Why to learn something new, why have on a controversial issue my own opinion, when it is easier to drive to the head of a slogan that was decided all your problems. Bad in life? Well, then, probably, «Putin is to blame» or «Europa.» There would just at least the threshold of its own to clean, and to figure out what’s what yourself. Although, of course, known TV channels, yielding to the pride of cattle, unable to convince him that he came to himself. In this case, it is difficult to predict when such people will be able to begin to separate the meaning of the invention.

2. Do not need freedom

«What is freedom? You are forced to do something? Go out of the country then, if you don’t like it!» No, dude. If your value system does not include the notion of freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, the problems in this country is just the same in you and through you.

Cattle hard to take responsibility for their own lives and for their choices, so it is closed in some dogma, which wants to impose on others, so it was comfortable. Really, if you want life seemed to raspberries, place all this responsibility on the owner. If cattle deprived of its master, she is looking for a new. The void in this area for cattle excruciating, unbearable.

3. Pack

Everyone wants to be a redneck, comfortable feeling of the herd.

V. P. Aksenov «Island Crimea»You, sometimes, sitting with a few friends and spend a cool time, cattle can not cool to spend time. The manner of cattle – gathering in a flock. There is no difference how many goals the pack may consist of the essence of the other: she’s always loud, obnoxious and what prevents others, it is something wild and animal. Of course, the pack does not consider the concept of personal space and etiquette that will certainly make normal people this phenomenon to hate. This means that if you’re going to see that a flock of some creatures who get drunk on the beach, including at full volume to music in the car, you can be sure that it is trash.

4. Garbage

If the slugs leave behind a barely visible trail of their secretions, the cattle, the trail is visible to the naked eye: beer bottles, food scraps, dirt stretch for them something like a garbage train. In General, cattle is not only a system of values, but also certain behavioural structure that lacks the rule of «clean up».

5. Rude

So to speak, and even in the presence of an old woman, I can only louts, only cattle, even if it is cattle, in uniform with officers ‘ insignia.

A. N. Rybakov «Heavy Sand».

There are people who are normal working people who do not like beautiful words and speak simple. But they are not rough with them great to be around, even if every two words, these laborers use the Mat. But the cattle again, an entirely different system. And sometimes no education, no life experience doesn’t change that.

6. Failure to analyze

And unwillingness to analyze. Cattle really hard to imagine some kind of intellectual, though it happens. If he doesn’t like something, it’s definitely shit, if you like, that’s definitely a valuable thing. He can’t look at it from a third, unbiased party, he also can not put all the components and understand despised or approved phenomenon.

7. The need of authority

All the talk about morality and tradition can turn 180 degrees. The main thing for cattle is what tells him his authority, whoever he was. The authority can act as a classmate, a friend of the Institute, and society as a whole, the state Church. It is necessary for existence, as without it the cattle difficult to perform even devoid of intellectual cost work. To work cattle loves a stick.

8. Imperial ambitions

Imperial ambitions are clear, when you are a head of state, when in your hands is concentrated the absolute power over the country. But when the ordinary man in the pub seriously says that «our Alaska, India our Pindos!» This man is all clear: he’s either drunk, or he is missing gray matter in the brain. All this, of course, a product of populism, the main audience of which are just trash. Normal dudes don’t speak about such things without knowledge of the case.

9. Habits

Here everything is simple. If you see some guy in some pants or a robe biomega around the yard for a beer at the side of the stall, be sure – this is our hero. Or imagine a Sunday morning, great morning, Yes! You sleep and sleep before evening, the night was stormy. But good neighbors begin to peck drill your wall at eight in the morning. Why not? They need to, and do not care about others. Respect for others is not their strong point. Although in the stairwell and says that repair work on weekends is prohibited. Who holds the drill in this case, if not cattle?


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