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Not long ago I began to notice that some of my bro (and even friends) have started to compare me with the metrosexual, giving a clear reference. All anything, if I really cared for him better than half the women — but no, never in my life have I had a manicure nor a pedicure; I even hand cream is neglected, considering it a woman’s accessory and just a waste of money. The only thing I always try to go in clean, well ironed clothes. I always try to dress for the occasion, although many of my friends can come to the prom in sportive and then to tell me that I was too neat, thus just mocking my ideas about culture. In General, dudes manygoodtips.com tell me, why, I wonder my friends think I’m metrosexual? And if not difficult, can give a few tips on how not to look like that? Thanks in advance.

Dude, we can’t tell you anything without knowing who your friends are. Suddenly, this company of pals, who just yesterday learned the word «metrosexual» and tries to use it as often as possible?

On the other hand, there is no smoke without fire. «I even hand cream disdain» — which means «even»? Dude, if you gets a drop of cream, she lives in you gay the hole. Stay away from all those creams, and especially for the hands. I urge you to stop to take care of themselves, but overdoing it is bad. For example, manicure is absolute faggotry. The fact that someone out there in the next hour digging your nails, polishing and vicesima them hints at a high degree of narcissism, which is already sick.

It is not just about looks: the metrosexual is not only clothes, but also the behavior. Let’s add a little bit of theory. There are many types of men: someone who is rude, who is good who is evil. So, the appearance is usually in harmony with the behaviour and character. If you have a gentle and friendly and sweet boy, then, most likely, in addition to your ironed clothes is already too much. If you have a temper and you hate everyone just because they were born into this world, ready to Polish a turnip to someone due to the fact that on the calendar Thursday, then the chances that you would call a metrosexual, not so much. Most likely, it is not in the clothes and overall image. And then the fun begins: change yourself for friends or change friends?

There is a third option, which would choose me. Send fuck their opinion and live the way you want. You’re a man, in the end. Since when do you care about public opinion? From me 30% of the time stinks of cigar smoke, but it’s not my problem: don’t like the smell — don’t breathe. Unironed clothes? You’re not Queen Victoria, so I to you when the parade was. Think about it, you’re important to dress for the occasion. After all, if you dress up for yourself is one thing, but if you dress to please someone is another. Stop trying to please. Make tried to please you. Know why your friends come to prom in a tracksuit? Yes, because they don’t care what or how they are dressed. They don’t care what you think about it. They are so comfortable. But you do not. But it’s not their problem, but yours. Dude, in General, the fact is that you have to have your own opinion about what is happening. If you really understand that you don’t go too far with his looks and behavior, was fuck the opinion of the crowd. Live your opinion and be tougher.

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