A list of movies, which will help you to lose weight

Bro, in my enlightened opinion, almost all scientists from England and the United States deserve the IG Nobel prize. What stupid inventions they spend the sponsors ‘ money and taxpayers!

But this study can be used. Scholars from the University of Westminster found out through a series of experiments which films contribute to… weight loss. So, my friend, is definitely nowhere to put money. In Africa blacks bro are starving and eating the last of the missionary.

Naturally, the majority of movies slimming is horror movies. «Stress — or, as in this case, fear — the pulse quickens, blood moves faster, release adrenaline. From this deteriorating appetite, accelerates metabolism, and, ultimately, calories are burned faster,» said Richard McKenzie, an employee of the University of Westminster .

A list of movies, the most favorable way promote weight loss looks like this:

  1. The shining (184 calories)
  2. «Jaws» (161 calories)
  3. «The exorcist» (158 calories)
  4. «Alien» (152 calories)
  5. «Saw» (133 calories)
  6. «A nightmare on elm street» (118 calories)
  7. «Paranormal activity» (111 calories)
  8. «Texas chainsaw massacre» (107 calories)
  9. «The witch from Blair: Course from the world» (105 calories)
  10. «Report» (101 calories)

It is noteworthy that the first place took the Stanley Kubrick film «the Shining» novel by Stephen king, which brought him international fame. Although some people think it’s scary in the conventional sense, he takes in the first place, the oppressive atmosphere of madness.

List of good movies, and the movies are good too, but still, friend, if your chick complains about you having a «small belly», it is better to go to the gym or give up sweets and starchy foods, «diet» of horror movies — not the best food for the nerves.

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