A job that you like: myth or reality

In youth we have not lost faith in themselves and thought all the time, so no one knew what he would do, for example, 25 or 30 years. Parties, drinking, fun, women, if not women, computer games — that’s the whole diet of the student. But then comes the moment of entering the duty cycle, which can not only hinder you as a person, but be delayed until death. Surely you have seen men who gave half their lives to their work, which they hated. Want to be the same? I don’t think.

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_T7WLoieqXu189But how, then, to find a job that will bring pleasure and feed you? Often people say that you need to follow your fucking dreams», but we know people who are dreams, but are dependent on their mothers. Not always the desire and the possibility of earning accompany each other, especially if we are talking about a small town where jobs are not so much and they are at the cannery. Most often you have no choice. You’re not born into a family of millionaires that could allow you to be the eternal student and seeker of destination. Lack of money is the first thing you want to destroy when you are trying to find a job. It is unlikely that you think about the satisfaction or spiritual satisfaction. The green wad of money, from which oozes the stench of thousands of hands, that’s what you want, because it is thanks to this bundle you’ll be fed, clothed and shod.

However, this love for good earnings can play a cruel joke with you. To analyze the labor market — a thankless job that you 18 can not handle. So if you think you are going to learn a profitable profession, do not be surprised that in 5 years anyone your education need not be — you will be replaced by a robot. Therefore, focusing solely on the monetary aspect of the issue, but you seem to poke a finger in the air, and not just poke, but spend a lot of time that you can dedicate yourself to learn their best qualities and, according to them, to pick out the appropriate specialization.Not everyone is born with the imprint of genius on his forehead. People like Einstein are rare to impossible and that is why they are valuable. Basically we are surrounded by mediocrity who really want to show themselves smart, beautiful and talented. It seems that the world is unfair to their talent, spared their attention, but in fact mediocrity will never prove the opposite. Such people love to live in your cosy place called «total injustice». They will find a thousand reasons why they could not and will never be able to achieve anything in this country, while not making even a step. Of course, every second person would tell you «try and do», but we don’t every second. Some things you’re not capable — you’ll have to head to hollow brick wall until brains climb out, but nothing will come out. Yes, it’s pessimism, but such is life.

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_OtCvYyaBzsh6HEach of us in his youth there are a number of instincts that we can use to earn money. For example, you can be a perfect lawyer or an engineer of the power plant, but the dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood, sitting in Uryupinsk. Unfortunately, your dreams you will not achieve, so the only thing you can do is go on the work of the engineer, to the average salary (which is higher than many humanists, by the way) and be glad that you at least have something. So we have half the country lives, and you think you can do it differently?

Well, you don’t want to give up and going to find a job that will bring pleasure. For example, you dream of becoming a screenwriter, it’s so interesting, fun and cool! But are you ready for the challenges that will stand in your way? But «the profession of dreams» as the selection mean to their owners. They have not enough knowledge obtained at the Institute and in practice, in them, a lot of dirt and abuse. So you want to be a screenwriter, has written the script and send it to the company. No one, of course, is not responsible. You try more, you pass the courses, spend a lot of money on training and trying to get contacts. All this time you eat crackers, cereals and water from the tap. Money you have because you decided to devote his life to the dream», and if you have no money, no Hiking with friends in the pubs, no normal gifts-girlfriend, no car, normal apartment. Are you ready for this? And the fact that you have almost ten years to fix for Directors their writings, to scribble their ideas and get money for it, before you trust a good project, believe in your script? And here’s for 35 years. And here you see the product of their labor and understand that it turned out shit, but still, critics contend. It would be another decade before you get something that will appeal to all (although this may never happen). And after all this, after sleepless nights and a killed health, you’re still going to assume that you have a dream job? I doubt it.

Work is not a hobby. That’s the problem. So to combine pleasure with productive work almost impossible. You say, «what you drive, I have a friend who…». Okay, your friend is the only one, although probably you just don’t know how much he earns and whether he is happy with what he does.Therefore, our reader who wants to find dream job, — ready to work hard. And it is with this willingness to think about what I want to do. If you want to do something creative, we do not envy you — to find the money it will be very difficult and will have to be engaged not only creativity, but also with marketing, finding clients and selling yourself (and you won’t enjoy). Much easier to work your 8-hour shift at some factory and in the evening quietly sipping his «Hunting» than for days with rotten work that have more to sell. So think twice before you give your soul to a career that does not pay off.

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_AMk83PJUu3uOEWhy are we talking about creativity? The fact that we rarely had to hear some guy’s dying to become a storekeeper or a real estate agent. When talking about dreams, then imagine a simple operation which consists in drawing any Karakul and sales of each leaf for a hundred thousand euros. More like a brutal profession like the profession of a stuntman, a race driver or a snowboarder to drive and cool to boiling in the veins. But they forget that this kind of work takes years of training. Even avant-gardists are «school» that costs them a lot of nerve cells. About extreme professions and say nothing — there is need to prepare themselves almost from childhood.

We want to hammer into your skull the simple truth — there is no work, which eliminates the negativity from her life. Problems are in every place, and the most «delicious» jobs are usually also the most difficult from the point of view of monetization, and not the fact that they bring you joy when you realize through the entire kitchen.And like everything is going against your will to obtain happiness, and all our arguments indicate that it is necessary to work wherever the work is. But now we will perekrestimsya on the go. Try to look at your life from the outside. Give her time. Let this term will be 65 years of age (are you in Russia, my friend, to live longer is more expensive). Answer such questions as: «Who do I want to die? I want to leave behind?». May you now 20, but, believe me, time runs with extraordinary speed — faster than the tortoise and Achilles combined. Tomorrow I will Wake up and you will 30, day after tomorrow — 50, and there to death nearby. I want to eat everything and live happily ever after too. However, the essence of life is not hedonism. Nobody on his deathbed ever said, «Oh, cool. I’ve eaten and got laid in his time». There is in human life something that requires him to something more. The ancient Greeks believed in fate and believed that she, destiny, will be covered, therefore we so often see in Greek poetry, so many heroes who fight with hydras, jellyfish and giants. People like to imagine something on the scale of eternity, realizing that they are nothing in comparison with the cosmos. What do you want? To live happily, finding easy work (which doesn’t exist), or live on their own, finding the true purpose? Think about what you want to leave behind and maybe you’ll understand what work most harmoniously fit into your bucket of a second, so you do not regret having lived.

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