A huge Cup for coffee Giant…


The problem is coffee… It is, of course. For example, in that the coffee is never enough. I can drink as much coffee as anyone to Wake up, the only problem is that I can’t sleep if I drink the amount of coffee enough to walk then all day with a huge as the owl’s eyes. For those who are regular coffee cups a little, invented a coffee mug the size of an elephant. This little elephant. This Cup is made of high quality porcelain, it is white and fits in any situation. In addition, this is the biggest Cup of coffee in the world. It’s not every day you see this. If the standard Cup has a capacity of 0.2 liter, this contains 20 standard cups. If a drink insomnia will threaten you a week, and the problems of the character in «Fight club» will no longer seem like some far-fetched. If you they certainly seemed so.

The cost of such cups as much as $ 50. For what?

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