A hobby that will make you smarter

manygoodtips.com_4.04.2014_vMUsS15tZxJyIWeird thing (at least for me), but there are so many people who are not able to find a cause, like. It’s a really fucking strange and not understandable to me, although I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel that you don’t know what I want to occupy your time.

Everyone living in the world need a hobby. We often write that we need to find the work that would bring satisfaction, here only not always it can happen. When you live in a small town and not many places to earn a living, obviously not up to talking to the selection of your favorite things. Of course, you can go to another city and look for a favorite thing there, but sometimes later, for example, when you have thirty years, you have a family, children and you have no idea what to do next and social mobility some small.

Quite often, you can use an interesting hobby to improve and sweeten the burnt cake of your life. Of course, you should always follow the path of service and reduce harm to mental health, but it is often quite difficult — you need to have to dig in ourselves, and we are not used to.

This article will be useful to those who are quite happy with their work and situation, and just wants to have fun cool to find a place for the soul that will make him smarter.

1. The study of foreign languages

This is the topic that everyone is trying to learn, but learning becomes a life-work. Not in a good way, when we literally live it, and at worst: we bought books, downloaded the programs and video, but never started training. Flipped through books, looked at articles a/an/the, and then somehow did not happen. Like all languages do, but a simple text to translate, not everyone can. Foreign language study should deal not only to go to different countries and communicate with people. The value literature is published in English, a lot of good movies, games and books written in this language or translated into it. A new language will give you a much better understanding of the culture, traditions and other people without all these, «Well, stupid!!!» But the most pleasant part of learning any foreign language — brain development. You improve your memory, get a completely new perspective on different things, and it will help you in future to solve complex problems.

2. Video games

Yeah, dude, it’s true! So sincerely hated by parents and moralists, computer games are suddenly good for the brain. Numerous studies persistently show that video games are excellent to develop memory, improve the coordination of hands and eyes. Role playing with a choice of multiple solutions and limbs help us to become more independent and learn to make decisions without hesitation. But if banal is interesting. Particularly good modern indie games, tactical strategy, role-playing. They are original, give you a lot of opportunities for tactical moves, innovative solutions and help to develop the habit not to quit all at once, when you can’t do something the first time. For people not in the subject is, of course, shooter-ubivalki, but those who though something understands, remembers and «Civilization» and some «League» as examples of these smart masterpieces. We need to look at things more widely.

3. The fog of the mind and riddles

I think that all faced with the phenomenon of «fog of mind». Personally I call it that. Maybe there is a more scientific explanation, I don’t know.

The mind too can harden, if it’s to long to use in a sparing mode. Often in life we are doing the same work every day, even if we think that we’re fucking mental work, but this work with one and the same Opera. If you do not engage in «education» of your brain and keep it in good shape, it can lead to dementia in the future. But do not forget about the near future. Our brain gets used to the same loads, and when the time comes to do something really special, we lose, because our worldview and thinking are very limited. Before I played chess, but when downloaded to your phone chess, I realized that the computer on the lowest difficulty just kills me. And it’s a shame.

What to do with this garbage? Logic games, riddles and all the same notorious crosswords and Sudoku. One man, for example, buys every year a book with sample exercises for the exam and in his spare time solves one option. Trying, perhaps, to justify the mathematics teacher? Someone to solve problems, someone shakes a simple logical toys on the phone and someone decides to crossword puzzles. Also a useful thing.

The Board game is also perfectly suited to those who wants a «smart» hobby. These Hobbies can be drag and role-playing tabletop wargames.

4. Jigsaw puzzle

Once we wrote that the puzzles are a great way to ruin a weekend. Of course, I meant it when I said so. Large one-sided jigsaw puzzles of thousands of pieces of perfectly blue sky — a great way to ruin a weekend. Here is a beautiful jigsaw puzzles with different pictures — a great way to spend. Especially fun to collect puzzles together, here’s a great idea for leisure. Puzzles make you think, teach perseverance and develop care.

But more puzzles I love puzzles. They’ve bred a lot. Buy this miracle that makes you to recall the drawings of Leonardo, and trying to understand what the creators of this thing wanted from you. Now you can find them almost everywhere. If you can not disassemble it or hell you frankly get tired of it, put it in a box and give to someone.

5. Collecting

No matter what. This will give you the opportunity to become more curious, gathering information about the things you like. History, cultural changes and other historical facts hidden behind the brands, books, posters or coins. Sources about life in the past quite a lot, and you may not even be aware of how your fellow citizens live 50, 100 or 500 years ago. A little bit of the past will open you the way to the real story.

6. Reading

As we talked about this important phenomenon! It is strange that still some people stubbornly refuse to read because «not talking». Follow the link and you will understand how you can convince yourself to start reading. And simply to make. Made? And here’s a list of good books.

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