A hobby that makes money


The famous proverb says that the best work — highly paid hobby. This statement is hard to argue, because so many of us after graduation are forced to engage in business unloved, suffering and swearing on life. Another thing is that the understanding of what you can do well and what you like so much that you’re willing to do it day and night, doesn’t always come on time. You to not suffer with a choice, we suggest you to consider the most interesting Hobbies that with proper grip can bring you a decent money — here’s an interview of the lucky ones who finished the course his favorite pastime.The first photographer is considered to be Louis Dugger in 1839 was able to create the first sustainable photographic image of a person. Today it is a real art to know it to the end, probably no one can. But if you’re ready for the challenges and my dream is to become a staff photographer for National Geographic, Maxim or the Daily News or hardened lone wolf — here’s a view of Julia, which is right now taking a course of photography.


Julia Levterova

28 years


So we have a DSLR, but will it be enough to start to sell photos? What started your ascent to the career of a photographer?

First, knowledge in this area just didn’t have any! To learn from books or from questionable sources was not the desire whatsoever. First, I practice, and secondly, I’m not willing to spend time walking blind». Therefore needed an authoritative teacher, whose works like and with teaching experience. One day I saw an ad for a free lesson in Photocollege. Already on the tenth minute I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

How was the training? Appeared idols?

Knowing how much information to digest and that the vertices need to Wade through hard work, fueled by the same dormant flame within. Naturally, the first to be studied was selected works of Sasha Croft. In addition, my sincere love is Annie Leibovitz. By the way, I am not without imagination and creativity, but in General I have a fairly analytical mind. I like the technical part of shooting, he organizational process. After all, this is not the work of one person but a whole team! One thing’s sure — it is a process that absorbs me completely.

What is the most difficult in learning the art of photo — choose the filter «all» does not close a finger on the lens?

Besides understanding the technical parameters of the cameras, lenses, flashes, composition skills and others should be more flavour or, as Alexander says Croft, «nasmotrennost» — that at least for the sake of the development of this «chakra» should learn in Photocollege. The magnitude of the earnings — everything is relative. My standard and goals are always very high, so motivation is not faded. Since the beginning of training was 5 months, so the best fees, of course, come. By the way, even the first homework I paid!

If no such images, which could remove your camera, draw them. To an outsider this skill has always been something ethereal, incredible. There is a whole range of details and little things that help make a picture truly perfect. But if in your heart since childhood, the artist lives, then it’s time to come out and show your talent. Andrew told us why paint a picture easier than it seems.


Andrey Astafyev

37 years old

Painting school of Elena Begma

Andrew, you’re a serious man, a family man, and suddenly decided to learn to draw. Why? Contagious?

Actually, I’m head of IT in large public companies. On a speciality the engineer. But I was always oppressed the life of an office worker. I have attempted photographing, I really wanted to get into creative circles. At the same time was a dream to have a passive income, but having a family with two children has allowed me to quit current job and go headlong into the business. So I lived to 37 years, veering between what I want and like and what you need to do to make money. In art brought me. Colleagues presented a certificate to school of painting.

Tell me more about it. Were there any difficulties?

I came on a one-time master class and immediately, from the first class drew a picture! Can you imagine what it feels like? You just stood outside the door and thought that drawing is only for those who learned all his life or the insanely gifted by nature, and then they gave you the brush in her hand, told what to do, and turned out to sea! I was praised by teachers at the school, and the wife and all the staff at work. Even the parents said that not knowing my abilities.

Some say that it is easier to watch a video on YouTube «master class» — and you already in absentia van Gogh. How do you think, is it right?

I attempt to learn on their own — the result was unimpressive. To be honest, the picture was childish. If you are dreaming of glory Picasso, it is necessary to learn skillfully. When you write «dubowski» rollers, no one will tell you your mistakes — here’s the important feedback from the teacher. Besides, courses are taught to draw their pictures. Earn money by selling copies, and video lessons offered to copy someone else’s picture, is almost impossible. For the artist it is extremely important environment and social circle, and sitting in the screen not to get.

OK, it’s critical that we have led your hobby to success, because we already sent an Intern to gouache, and our hopes have justified.

On average I sell between three to five paintings in a month. Once I was lucky and the person who draws up its own office, bought me a series of 18 paintings. I write what I love, and this true freedom. Like all students, I began with still lifes and landscapes, but by the end of the course moved on to motorcycles. There are a few paintings that I’m not even ready to give for any money! Well, only if the change in the true «Harley»…

For example, photo or drawing — not for you. But the art is great, as screenwriting? For you certainly no secret that Russian cinema has long ceased to give life signs, and only occasionally jerks his foot. You might be able to save it and make the most incredible scenario that would overshadow the plot of «pulp fiction» or «Fargo»? Anyway, here’s the view of Ivan, a novice screenwriter.


Ivan Stanislavskiy


High school of Directors and screenwriters

How does one get to be writers? You’re astonished by a film or saw a cinema in your street?

I was a writer always. That is just since I started to think. I long as I can remember, invented scenes and skits. The circumstances of my great namesake, for me, was the norm of thinking. The brain is constantly working as, «what would happen if…». To a greater or lesser degree is common to all children but not all children know by heart favorite movies, add characters and adventures coming up with stories for each picture that catches the eye.

Alas, it is walking in the center of St. Petersburg, be sure to run into shooting some of the series, and in places where I’m from, even roller skates were seen as something otherworldly, what kind of movie. And after a while you’re sitting in the office posts the small head and think: «It’s prestigious — here so to sit at a computer from nine to six, this is what you wanted… or something went wrong?»

Is there some advantage in this job? What is your biggest success in the field of screenwriting?

It is important to understand what you want. To receive a specialty and BECOME, or fake it at the reunion that shook hands Mikhalkov. I’ve recently embraced familiarly with Brian Helgeland, so what? Helgeland forgot about me before the lights went flash, I put pictures in VK, and our life flowed on as usual. After three months of training in film school I won a script contest, which was organized by Ural Dumplings, beating more than 600 participants, among whom were the writers with the name. Three months later, sold the first short film, even though everyone around said that they handed out the gift. And until the eighth month stay at the School received a contract for full meter.

Many believe that a good script you can write yourself, just printing and printing in the hope of a good result. Do you agree with that?

You know, I once learned to play the guitar. Studied hard, sat for three hours daily. In the second year of training, I learned how to hold my hand to get the right sound. The teacher told me that on our first lesson. So what can you say about the brilliant self-taught, but with the coach everything is faster. Try Boxing on their own, and after years of study within a kid who spent three months in the gym with a trainer.

It is not necessary that your teacher was a great screenwriter or Director. It must be a wonderful teacher. Remember that Maradona is a terrible coach, but Jose Mourinho wasn’t even a professional footballer. From time to time I had to deviate much, but Ellie has not always been on the yellow brick road. In any case, I was already slowly starting to call myself a writer, exactly half of all the money that I need to live, earn what you write movie.

This age manages to create new types of art — the design of sites, for example. Beautiful Internet portals are not only pleasing to the eye, but also attract more visitors and investors. It’s nice in the conversation to remember any cool site to say: «And, by the way, I did», and disrupt the Bud respectful and admiring glances and praise. By the way, we’ve decided to make another journal (it’s about cats wearing funny clothes and talk in confidence) in advance and consulted with a terse Novel, a successful web designer.


Roman Bachinski

30 years


Roman, tell me what insect has to bite me so I can have the ability of a web designer.

Insects I, fortunately, didn’t bite. Just in school I was drawn to electricity, and I wanted to work in this specialization. After the army I went to work in the electrical laboratory at the refinery. Much time had passed, I started to get bored with it — wanted creativity in digital marketing industry. So over time, I came across a web design, send to special courses in 2015 and have created a website for a large company for investment and construction projects.

Another proof that when the next bunch of oil, life priorities change. Are you happy that so radically changed course?

I really liked the courses — there is a useful, learned, gained experience and, again, got so extensive knowledge that made a full-fledged website. Not that it changed my income, but I was able in the shortest possible time to retrain and start working in that direction, which I like to work. It does not lose the desire to constantly learn something new in this field. Web design is very interesting, for me especially.

Perhaps one of the most romantic professions of the modern world — bartender. The film managed to sketch this magical image of a man who in the evenings, rubbing his glasses, listening to the stories of guests and giving life advice. A real psychologist, who also has permanent access to alcohol! Dreams, dreams… but why dream, if just enough to finish the required courses, such as Anton.


Anton Kudryashov

28 years

St. Petersburg bartenders Association

Anton, how did you get over the other side of the bar?

At that time I studied at University and worked as every student at different part-time jobs. But I wanted something permanent and interesting, preferably such that it was possible to combine with studies. Often in their spare time visited the bars and clubs and thought it was perfect for me work is busy mainly in the second half of the day, the work is interesting, plus, I hear that pays well. But in the end in good places I was not accepted, as there was no experience.

And you decided to go on courses. To the layman it is difficult to imagine how bartenders learn, so tell me — is there put two or instead force her to drink a liter of cheap champagne?

We, of course, studied alcohol and tasted it. We were told about the methods of preparing cocktails, and of what they should be to the taste. Taught the correct beverage and was and tests. Even simulated a situation in a bar in front of you sits a man, and you leading questions had to find out what he wants, and at the same time to make sure that he wanted something bigger, newer and tastier. After a few classes we wrote tests on the studied material. And before the exam all students undergo practical training in the existing institutions of the city. Among them are a cocktail bar, pub, club, and restaurant.

OK, well, you began to pour cocktails faster and better. Diploma with these courses will greatly help in employment?

If you compare bartenders with paratroopers, the diploma is «takes» in this environment. Often, familiarity with the management and colleagues began with a discussion of the schools — there is one cause — and memories of school. In any case, in addition to the certificate, all endure with undergraduates, and a bunch of positive emotions. After the course your knowledge and skills are systematized, and you already know how necessary to conduct behind the counter, that is, adaptation in the institution is much faster. Consequently, and internships.

Besides the courses you talk about a variety of alcohol, not just popular, so at work you’re unlikely to encounter a situation «and what is that whiskey? I don’t know him, well, not going to sell it, God forbid, even ask anything.» And your knowledge directly affect salary.

In the end, are you satisfied with who I’ve become?

Basically, I went on courses, pursuing two objectives simultaneously. Once I decided to do it, then I should know what I’m doing, and must do so correctly. And professional — always competitive. And after completing the course, I became well-versed in his work, plus in the labor market began to feel more confident. After the restaurant, which I helped to get the Association, I went to a cocktail lounge, then was head bartender. Started working on the outdoor events. So courses have given me the way to life.»

You can relax not only in the bar, but on the massage table. If you like to give people a pleasant feeling by acting on the body, and even legally, you should think about the courses massage. It brings not only money, but also the joy of grateful smiles. Irina has shared with us impressions, at the same time calling to stretch your back under her deft hands.


Irina Tomashevich


School of massage technology Art. N. Galaguza

Massage therapist — the same doctor, so our question is: do you practice therapeutic massage?

Not really. For the first time a desire to do massage originated while studying in a medical school. Of massage school Vladimir Galaguza first learned about how in the shortest possible time to enable the broken muscle through toning by kinesiotherapy. Using this technique, Vladimir Nikolayevich, we remove the burden from spazmirovannah muscles in the period of exacerbation. Techniques musculoskeletal therapy increased the flow of customers.

I also liked the approach to solving problems by restoring the energy balance, which I was taught in the courses. I even now take photos at each session before the massage and after to show the customer the results of our work in dynamics. This is my personal idea! By the way, a teacher taught me to be especially soft, and if some elements of the massage I used, now especially felt their results, and use them very often.

What is the main specificity of a massage therapist?

Today, in the crisis period especially in demand such approaches, when it is not necessary to force the client to spend an hour on the session and to pay not only the specialist, but also his own! And, by the way, healthful equipment, that is not therapeutic, and medical massages do not require licensing in the presence of a certification specialist. And that’s another important plus!


Surely in your experience were there any notable cases?

You know, very often the coaches pumped out of a sense of curiosity come on skeletal-muscle testing. And what their surprise when they can’t raise your hand up, lying in a horizontal position on the back, and I tell them: «it is Not quenched — scalenus no. Rod you raise, and I now you force your resistance to restore the balance!» And so, after a while, after my sessions not only do they have hands raised, but leaves the brunt of the occipital tubercles. So to strengthen and restore the muscles of the Champions I can now easily and naturally.

OK, admittedly, it is nicer still to be not a massage table, and ON it. In General, in recent time to relax becomes harder and harder, but don’t start drinking! That is, drink, of course, but in moderation, and learning new things. I will say that this is impossible? Welcome to the profession of the sommelier — you’re always here and your always sober.

Sommelier is the person responsible for the storage and presentation of wines to the restaurant customer. For this article we invited Ian over for a glass of red, but soon realized that this strategy of meeting with an experienced sommelier will not work.


Yana Kulakova

36 years old

Wine school of the company «Marin Ekspress»

Why do people become sommeliers? Did the job with a good wine provides a good income?

Just I at that time was the «transition» period. I was a florist and I was no stranger to creativity, and therefore wanted to continue to do something unusual. I very well feel guilty about the field and profession of sommelier seemed very interesting to me. I came to work at the company «Marin Ekspress»: they have a chain of stores Vinissimo, and there I was offered to take courses for professional development.

I «googled» and saw a good school with professional teachers and affordable price. Already at the first lecture I liked everything – it was a lot of information and a lot of wine! But I would not say that it is a paid hobby, the income is average. Maybe I will have some growth, but for now I’m just learning.

Tell me, how long you were held, how many people, how often were forced to drink wine?

Altogether, we were twenty-five people. And the atmosphere was wonderful: the room is equipped as a wine cellar — it’s very authentic. We were taught not to drink, and right to taste. Also there are tables that are equipped with special sinks for rinsing glasses. We had a course in winemaking in many countries of the world: the history and geography of wine regions of the Old and New world technology, and particularly the production of wines and spirits, filing and serving drinks in the restaurant, compiling wine lists and more.

Of course, had to try a lot of interesting and expensive wine samples. Homework was not, but useful for newcomers something to sniff at your leisure, because wine usually has not only the flavor of the grapes — for example, red wine can smell of fruits, berries and other shades. To set buds, I smelled apples, plums, pears, spices, cloves and pepper. When a Pro says that here we feel the «Oriental Bazaar» is hard to understand. In addition to the wines studied brandy, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila.

To learn the art of the sommelier is very difficult – after all, this is a great area of knowledge, and the school pretty much lays everything out. In addition, some samples at school serious enough for the price — there are many interesting and expensive samples. For example, the average price of «Brunello» — 5 thousand, and you need to try just a few SIPS. Not everyone can afford to provide such training at home.

I graduated with honors and now am lectures for customers. To school I do with wine were not familiar, and then she immediately went for the competition «Saint-Petersburg competition» and was in the top ten in the city. In our school only two groups: in the evening — people who are just interested in the wine, not for the profession, and during the day for training and acquisition of knowledge. We in the group was a woman journalist who wrote about his studies.

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