A hobby that makes money #2

Given that more and more people aspires to earn on what they like, what are good and what they simply have a business, a hobby is the best thing that you can turn into a business of his life. As Confucius said: «Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life». It is difficult not to agree that these words are the quintessence of life and of wisdom. We have already talked about how people turn their dreams into reality and achieve success in a variety of fields relevant today. This time you will find another selection of professionals who are ready to share the experience, wisdom and, of course, to talk about the intricacies of their profession and what a difficult path they had to take to turn a hobby into a favorite work.Olga Callindirecttarget School Of Design

A lot of men on your course?

A little, I would like more.

Who goes on your courses? People who are just interested in sewing clothes or more people, who decided to professionally bind their lives with the world of fashion?

In our school people are getting more professional education. Usually people come to us from very different fields (accountants, doctors, technicians, managers), and their age varies from 25 to 55 years, a man consciously selects new skills and wants to associate with her life, becoming a professional designer.

How fashion designers are in demand in Russia? Who among the famous clothing designers more: men or women?

Designers are now very much, and this applies not only clothes, but also interior design, graphic design and other fields. The area is very popular, it can be estimated at least on the proposals on the market: a lot of contests for designers, stores, the popularity of fashion shows, the continuous opening of new boutiques, selling collections via the Internet and so on. Also, there is a large variety of educational programs ranging from cutting and sewing, finishing training business in the fashion industry.

With regard to the design profession, among my friends designers more men.

Developing in the Russian fashion industry? There is an opportunity to reach out to the young, no one knows of a specialist? And courses like this can help?

Industry is developing very fast, now beyond the well-known designers, there are many new names of young and talented professionals. It makes us very happy! For example, such a large shopping center as «Color», devote entire floors for shops of young Russian designers, giving them the opportunity to «break».

I believe that to Express themselves and everyone can, it is important to be active: participate in contests, go on the profile of the event and to meet people, attend workshops and so on. The school provides an important basis for further growth in the profession, we are constantly announcing various competitions and specialized activities (e.g., actively participate in Concept Market), where alumni can be organized master-classes with famous designers (which for our students is free) and provide a written recommendation for the device to work.

The main thing is to set a goal and move towards it, rather than sit and wait at your door, someone will knock!

Do you have students who are earning from their hobby? Tell us more about it.

We always hold open the graduation collections, where graduates present their work to the Commission and guests in the format of the show. From our experience, their first models graduates already implement these protections, where every guest can directly purchase or order any product.

Most of our graduates open their Atelier, tailoring, or creating your personal brand! From the latest competitions where they have participated, it is possible to allocate the Moscow contest of young fashion designers, Ptich Podium and others.

Natalia Horskyhotel General directorysexy school style

If to speak about global trends, we see that the fashion industry knows so many famous men’s names. Sometimes it seems that women among the famous fashion designers, image-makers or designers not so much. But people still think that this entire industry — especially for women. Why is this happening?

History knows many examples when the tailor was the man, and that man (C. F. worth, P. Poiret) in the late XIX — early XX century turned the process of creating luxury clothing for private clients on a path of mass production of copies. And because the process of creating a garment is a complex design and technological skills in addition to imagination and beauty, it is the knowledge of marketing, branding, PR, communications, and other for the promotion of the fashion product, then this profession has every reason to be male. However, everything connected with fashion and style today has a Association with a woman. After all, the desire to decorate their body and face at all times, was peculiar to women. But because to do fashion for men, if not a shame, it is still not «manly».

In addition to gender and psychological markers of masculinity and femininity, there are historical reasons: in the factories of «light industry», where canceling bulk samples of clothes, shoes, hats worked women. And there is another reason associated with the stereotype of the creative professions and occupations as frivolous and therefore not masculine. Given that Russia is a country with a harsh climate, defense industry, oil and gas complex, a small presence of environmental aesthetics, it is quite clear, what should the smart and serious man. And if today designer interior, furniture, industrial designer has achieved equality in this sense and no one believes that the interior designer or car is a frivolous occupation, fashion designer, hair stylist or stylist clothes are still regarded as representatives of the frivolous kind of activity.

If we talk about the percentage of students how many of them are men and how many women?

On learning this kind of activity comes undoubtedly a higher percentage of women and very few men. Once again, I stress that the reason for this is the condition, and the specificity of the fashion market in Russia and peculiarities of Russian character and mentality and traditions of our society.

If we talk about fashion design, then that’s a whole other story than the story of a stylist or image-maker.

For what purpose most often come on your courses that people expect from them? Then where are the graduates?

One of the major goals of this profession is the desire to change your activity and acquire a new profession. This desire often occurs in those who work in economic, Finance or law. Very often office, measured and standardized work leads to the idea of changing activities and, as a rule, as the desired scope of selectable creative. It seems to be free, interesting, diverse, carrier up a lot of emotions, meetings, impressions, grateful and happy customers. Many people want to realize themselves and their inclinations, which they once were in childhood, youth, when they painted, folded clothes, sewed, watched the creativity of designers the world of fashion, models, style icons. Come and those who love to shop, understands the brands and segments in the ratio of quality and cost of clothes, feel the color, rhythm, dress your family and friends, and finally decides to do it their profession, which will generate income.

Expectations for courses is the desire to learn the subtleties and nuances of stylistic skill, to understand the interaction of clothing with the body and the appearance of the person, to see yourself transformed and understand how to reach a state of harmony and comfort, buy the tools that will help you to become a professional in the field of fashion industry.

Are implemented after graduation, these hopes and desires?

Those who are willing to start from scratch and work hard to achieve my goals in work (first is free) and experience to achieve professional heights, be sure to find a use, and not necessarily in the field of stylistics. There are those who are engaged in image consulting with private clients, and there are those who can work in the departments of branding and PR in the corporate sector. Someone opens your image Studio together with makeup artists, hairstylists and coaches, and someone who is engaged in teaching and training. There are those who remain in their profession, but learning to see the world differently.

Tell us why a man would be interested in working in this profession. What challenges he might face?

Usually, they come in this area or hair stylists, or designers, or public relations and advertising. Today in the Arsenal of the men in this profession is not only a landmark — a well-known Russian stylist: Alexander Rogov, Vlad Lisovets, but also a certain type of behaviour with clients, a certain degree of trust from society. In my opinion, this profession must attract men, but not from a position of fame and popularity, but from the standpoint of its essence, the potential for their own growth and the opportunity to earn, doing creative marketing. The work of a stylist, look maker how to work with a person on the basis of creativity requires intelligence and logic, the ability to make decisions and defend them, the ability to see the subtext is obvious and simple, know the laws and be able to apply them according to your taste and intuition to be an analyst and to monitor the changing world and its needs, to relate their own creative decisions with the goals and objectives of the client, to build a competent strategy of promotion and so on. And I think that today there are many reasons why clients — both women and men trust the formation of not only your individual style but also the strategy of professional promotion that is man.

Tatiana Ivanofrankivska school styleWhy did you decide to become an image maker?

It all started with a course «for himself»: I wanted to transform, to learn to Express themselves, to learn «their» colors and silhouettes in clothes. But when I started to get acquainted with the style, image, I was struck by exactly the depth and importance of these concepts.

How it can change lives, and how deeply and closely fashion, style and image related to history, art, the processes taking place in society. I wanted to broaden and deepen the knowledge and to open this world to people.

Have you changed your understanding of the profession from the moment of receipt?

Fundamental change, more and more I fall in love with the profession and understand that it can constantly evolve. And it is important for me. In this direction a lot of opportunities for realization: constantly learning something new, embody creative ideas, share knowledge and experience and see burning eyes of customers. Profession very beautiful, intelligent and brings real benefit to people — whether it is dream?!

What is the demand for your profession? Who hires image-makers most often?

For the General population is much clearer to the person who does the makeup and hair. People actively use the services of makeup artists for special events and photo shoots. But that image should be harmonious as a whole, unfortunately, think not all. In this respect, we have an important educational mission. But I am glad that the business representatives already understand that you need to turn to professionals to create beautiful images and to attract the audience. Most often, the services of a stylist-imagemaker resort people, focusing on career development or seek to change their lives. Already have an understanding of what the appearance tells about the inner world and the status of the person in the first place.

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