A hero of our time

For the sake of.com.ua_30.03.2015_8kF9PxoM1sXp0Recently your humble servant fidgeted bony ass on sovdepovskie uncomfortable chair in a circle of aggressive-progressive youth and tried to come up with Patriotic events that are in some mythical way could attract the attention of these young people. I’m not going to talk about how to build the organization of work of similar structures, because the article will be very sad. To be sad and without enough reasons.

In one of these events needed to be the idols of the modern youth, its characters, moral values. Everything seemed to be fine. But then came the idea that the modern the younger generation idol, no. Any person, Joan of arc, in which they go, Jim Morrison, with whom they will peck acid, Kurt Cobain, the day of whose death will be a mass wave of suicides, and finally, Viktor Tsoi, after which they will paint the whole wall. Moreover, if you die right now, for example, ed Sheeran, no one will fold. All pointedly sigh and say: «Well, I’m sorry. Che died? An addict, probably. Going to take a dump». I agree. Ed Sheeran a very bad example. But I can’t think of anyone more-less significant.

Latest hero for the whole world was Michael Jackson, twice: early in his career and after his death. This is the latest example of how you can go to his own death. A very effective way: you die, and your record two years will be in the tops. But it needs to sink down into the soul, and the souls – a thoroughfare of names and interests.

But over the last 10 years has not appeared anyone who could effectively control the minds of youth, to be an icon as johnny cash in the 50s or the same Cobain. Now heroes, like a comet appeared on the horizon, and a second later no one remembers. Perfect example – Max Korzh. Less than a year on it have ceased to remember. And the glory of God. Although praised at every step. And that is not all.

We have no conditions for the emergence of a social rebel. If in the 80’s and all were really interesting changes, now we hold an old saying: «God forbid to live in era of change». We avoid them and burned out of boredom. Society as if speaks to you: not even «obey and answer» and «relax and smile». There is nothing to corrupt, nothing to break, all so fed up with life and so lazy to do any heroics. The media made politics something boring, meaningless, neinteresee. So really disagree, as French students in the 60s, we have not. Yes, and not for anyone to go. Ideal «men’s dreams» with the initials GDP daily show wherever possible. A politician can become an idol, but you need to win the war, to withdraw from the crisis. But I don’t want to sink even deeper.

I will be banal, but still, there will never be a character as vivid, shocking and at the same time intellectual, they were, for example, burrows, and even istrachennyh masses Yegor Letov. Circle any «Rosebery» guys in glasses with a thick frame and fleece, some sketchy characters-phony, in a word.

Speed is the motto of this time. Everything goes very fast. And it’s not even the quality of the product, and the fact that the human memory is shorter. In an era when every six months on the shelves appear technology with a bright label «product of new generation», and the shelf life of the phone is about 1 year, it is very difficult to be always up to date. At the time, it seemed that the characters will be Bloggers – the guys who taught the youth that do not have to go to a boring job, to earn enough, pouring out their thoughts in the net. And example was much more contagious, than the antics of the Twisted Sisters in the 80s. ray William Johnson, who made a career in the comments on the video showed that you can make money even while discussing on camera for his morning deuce. Soon it appeared in Russia: +100500, Madison, studied – and hundreds of young minds joined the screens.

However, the Internet is a whole life in life, so to speak. It gives more variety than reality, and so the audience dissolved in acid the online space. And the Internet-the creators did not have time for the growing needs of bored spectators. This is a problem all creative units. Well, because they’re lazy Amateurs, working alone. But alone it is difficult to create something effective. And, frankly, this product was produced for a particular audience. Shkolota – their own, those who are smarter – more. But most interesting is that the audience is growing, and they are not. Others – the third.

Previously, the album the Rolling Stones was an event. For months it was heard to the holes. Now no album to listen to for more than a month. Why? Because a very large selection. Besides, it is not necessary to lift your ass and go to the store and spend money on new vinyl. It’s simple: took, downloaded, listened, deleted.

Now do not become worse. They were different. Someone will complain that earlier music was better, and now all look alike. Do not argue, before the music was better and the grass is greener and the sun brighter, and the friends were not assholes. But then a special variety was not. Just now, when you are not straining can listen to one album after another, the idols do not have time to appear.

Someone will seem, that all, on the contrary, wildly monotonous. Nonsense! The monotony is when Boyarskaya in the role of d’artagnan for a long time become the idol of almost everyone. Now even Skrillex forget.

Do we really need a hero? Everyone says that he looks good. Now the title «hero generation» is equivalent to the title of «employee of the month». And the duration is longer. People have too different interests. Too much stratification. We get the new Vysotsky, Vysotsky because he lived and worked in an era when the interests of people were more or less similar. And now even the General idea there. ISIL is, therefore, the heartrending cries of the muezzin crowd of converts martyrs go there from all over the world to cut the head and do other activities. The amazing thing is that the characters appear in the years of change, riot or stalemate, so to hell with them, yeah.

Now much more attention is paid to the heroes of the past. Heroes are still needed. Looking for examples of any ages. Therefore, young people listen to Jagger and enjoys stories Ozzy Osbourne about how he sniff coke truck. Maybe when all worthy of the Pantheon of the Gods will go into oblivion, orphaned society itself will choose to itself the new Marlon Brando, because it is society that gives such an important title.

«A hero of our time», «the collective image of the «generation» is now an empty phrase. If to imagine the collective image of our generation, he will just be made up of different particles, it will be hung a lot of bright tinsel, it will all consist of different matters, in his mind, the swastika and Pacific dance under retroview, after which the image-Chimera smoke weed and sit on the court, take a shot of Eiki and will read texts Basta under the provocative Drm-n base.

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