A hard day’s night

manygoodtips.com_23.05.2014_g4nRjcyJZuOck«It was a hard day’s night, I’m tired as a dog» — sung in one famous song. Wait to touch the mind bars where you can sit this evening, or clicking the TV remote. This holiday nifiga not relaxing.

But what will really give relaxation of mind and body:

1.Shut your eyes

Try at least for a time, nothing to read, not watch, not listen. Close your eyes and completely shut down all channels of communication with the outside world. For the modern man, with its level of information load and information same subject, a normal lying on the sofa like a meditation. Just do not try at this time to plan your next working day or roving eyes round the room in search of a second sock. Just take the head for a few minutes, give it a rest.


Make a couple times a week evening jog on the nearest Park, or Cycling on it though. Or maybe you prefer classes at the gym? Choose something you like and practice these lessons on a regular basis. A little exercise does not hurt in the maintenance of normal physical condition and, in addition, will help relieve nervous tension associated with work.

3.Take a bath or shower

The therapeutic power of water treatment is difficult to overestimate. A contrast shower will help you to cheer up, to feel the rush of fresh energy, and the warm bath, on the contrary, relaxes the body and soul.

4.Do something that you love

Play the guitar, watch a movie, build a ship in a bottle, spit at the ceiling, in the end. If you love to watch TV, then, well, look. No, we’re not contradicting yourself – there’s nothing wrong with that, after lying with eyes closed for 20 minutes, ran a circle around the area, taking a cold shower, you lay down on the sofa to watch a favorite show. It is bad when you’re not having to change into home clothes (read underwear), turn on the box and not deviate from it over the next four hours.

5.Change into comfortable clothes

Speaking of home wardrobe. It is clear that any man prefers to roam around the house in the most comfortable light clothes – shorts. But if the window is winter, but the apartment is cool or your family against you in your underwear, do not suffer, sitting at home in jeans, even old and shabby. Wear something soft and cozy, see, your evening will be much more comfortable.

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