A guitar that will teach you how to play. Using the iPhone.

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As you know, the guitar really attracts attention. And if you’re not some punk and look decent guitar will give you a hell of a lot of advantages over other macho. Don’t believe? Science has proven!

It already glues Chicks, and you?It already glues Chicks, and you?

Fans of Android should envy «Apple»: it is extremely a lot of accessories, and very original. Original cases — all this in abundance. But the coolest — original accessories, which are very few for Android. Today’s accessory is confirmed. In front of us… the guitar on the iPhone. A little thing called the iPhone Guitar. How does it work? Very simple: buy accessory, swing app, and interactive led’s on the surface of the guitar demonstrate you where to put your fingers when something is playing. The application also shows pace, speed and everything else. The iPhone is inserted in a specific slot on the guitar. Looks cool.

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By the way, the guitar can sound like acoustics, a bass guitar or electronic. Or even as a synthesizer. Opportunities… But if you want to really learn to play the guitar.

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