A good reason why you can’t get in bed with a girl


Once again, suffered a crushing failure on the love front, you understand that you are doing something wrong. You sit down and really ponder this issue. Or continue to live just as he lived, but our advice to you, man: sit, think about it and compare yourself with the points below, maybe something will come together! There must be a reasonable reason why such a stunning, intelligent and classy bro is unable to arrange a booty call with someone, but their «right» and «left» have a girlfriend?

1. You still live with your parents

You say that you earn yourself, and simply live comfortably with someone. You say give the money to mom to help her with the housework, but the truth remains: you’re not separated from family. You can’t be fully to be an independent person, therefore you are decidedly not attractive for a girl who is looking for a relationship.

2. You can’t organize a place for a fuck

Your roommate will swear, when you find your apartment chick because he has to get up early and go nowhere. Or at your house mom and dad who will not appreciate the fact that somewhere behind the wall, their child is going to fry some «prostitute». Uh, you still think of yourself as independent?

3. You have too high standards. Too high

Not for Senka cap, man. The high standards we have a separate good article.

4. You’re too cynical about romance and did not know how to organize it

If you wish, you can always do something romantic and tearful. You just have to want. It is not so difficult.

5. You are very tired of life

You have no desire to do anything. But wants to get fucked.

6. You’re too married

You would at least ring shot, no?

7. You spend too much time Dating the same girl

Your relationships go nowhere. They do not develop, your sex is boring and monotonous. You want to find someone else, but you can’t because you don’t want something to drastically change. Take courage, man, and don’t cry like a little girl.

8. Most people your age have already left the bar

And your hours no midnight. You’re too old and all those people are already occupied or run home to the children. Well, they can’t drink as much as they drank in 17 years.

9. You have an insurmountable fear of catching a venereal disease

It’s not my thing. But 95 percent of the population have herpes. How will you live with this knowledge?

10. You have a disgusting roommate

He will yell and complain if your room will be something extraordinary. So you find it easier to masturbate than listen to his nonsense.

11. Are you worried about the consequences

You’re scared don’t want to relive those feelings that you have experienced since breaking up with past girlfriends. You don’t want someone to meet, but simultaneously want and do not want obligations. Paradox.

12. You are worried about the former

You want to go back to her, browsing her photos Vkontakte? It hurts you to see in the other pictures bro? You urgently need to find a new girl, it is not discussed!

13. Your bedroom is a mess. You have no bed

When you come to his den, go to bed, you absolutely do not care what your box — creaky old sofa or piece of heavy smelly mattress. But when the need arises to bring a girl home, you feel a bit awkward, which can be compared only to the disadvantage of girls knowing that the guy in the first time you see their ugly underwear and unshaven legs.

14. The thought of having to spend the night in some other place that’s killing you

Many people do not like to sleep in other places. Categorically. No lover of the computer in the morning, no cat, no toothbrush, just the theater uncomfortable.

15. You can’t afford a girlfriend now

You’ve got expensive Hobbies. You have no money. There is no place. This is a good reason, because the girl always have to spend money. It is an axiom.

16. In your bed a dog sleeping and cat. You don’t want to change

You’re used to waking up with someone licking your face and meowing desperately in his ear. You don’t want to change?

17. A huge mountain of dirty dishes in the sink and a huge pile of dirty Laundry in the corner is unlikely to ignite again the passion in a partner, when she’ll be back here next time

Wash the dishes, do the Laundry. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

18. You don’t remember when I shaved last time

It is not a full beard, it’s a thicket of plants growing on your face. Are you sure there is someone who lives.

19. You still have not lost weight

You long enough frankly fat. And you don’t want to change because your friend must love you for who you are. And it is not something appears on the horizon and wants to love. The problem is that even if the girlfriend make out behind this mountain of fat your beautiful gentle soul, she would strongly insist that you do themselves. And you’ll have to do it. Wants to get fucked?

20. It’s time to wash your bed linen

If the question «When was the last time you shaved?» you can answer, to the question «When did you change clothes?» you do not answer even under torture.

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