A godsend for a spy: one of the best games for the New year


You probably think that the title sounds too pretentious, because in the world many games and why «Spyfall / find for the spy» — the best? Explain. The fact that she is the best from the point of view of its universality. It is very easy to play healthy and your drunken holiday company. Its rules are simple, easy and able to give space. To explain three hours rules is not a system of D&D and the game is not for the geeks, but for people who want to break away.

We are delighted that «Spyfall / find for the spy» — the brainchild of Russian authors. This game was sold over 200 thousand copies and has been translated into 26 languages. She so appreciated by the audience plays that already today the makers have released the second part of the game. But let’s talk about everything in order — before you another review from our friends at HobbyWorld.

A godsend for a spy

The name of the Board game tells you about who you become. The selection is small, or you’re the elusive hero of his country, or the enemy number one for a foreign state. You’re a spy, which produces important information for the benefit of the Fatherland, or are you contrction — man, which does not allow the enemy armies to see the gaps in the system. Every profession is respectable, but each is a serious danger to its owner — with spies do not stand on ceremony. But despite the danger, everyone was thinking about it the way 007 does not fall out of my head. Spies surrounded by beautiful women, expensive cars and some business. Suppose that in reality the scouts things are different, but we’re not talking about reality but about fun — and that you can get if you play with friends in «a godsend for a spy.»

The beauty of this game is that it is not just for fans of Board games, but for those with this hobby just met. It can easily play those who have never dabbled in the field of conversational games. You won’t look stupid, don’t be blunt, because to delve into the «war of minds» is very simple — the rules are easy. If you play in a big company (which, in our opinion, the best option), then you have plenty of opportunities to train your brains, charisma and cunning. The game can not only entertain, but to develop you. For example, you really learn a lot about your friends. One of the most important knowledge can be called an understanding of how they look when cheating. Spies have to lie and be careful, and counterintelligence agents have to bully and test the waters.


You’ll have to take on the role of a spy or whoever is on his trail. Each role is played with interest. In this sense, a Board game reminiscent of the famous «Mafia», but, fortunately, not a single leader is not necessary — everyone can play, no one gets hurt. That game was dynamic, it added a time limit and a large number of locations. But the most important thing in the game is a conversation. You have to talk the language to «talk» to the interlocutor and to convince him that you’re not a spy and is also interested in finding spy who’s sniffing around here.In fact, the spy will have to figure out where he is. He doesn’t know the location, but others know. The players task is to find the spy. The task of the spy is to tell the name of the location before it «caught». Under suspicion is each, and only oratory or pleas for mercy will be able to keep you in the saddle.

The rules of the game

Each batch consists of a sequence of rounds. The number of them you can define yourself with friends, but first, I advise you not to worry and play a game of five rounds. It’s not more than an hour or less. Play, but before you move you should choose gives. Usually they get the guy or friend that look suspicious and cunning of others. Gives gets packs of cards, shuffles them, and then selects only one batch. He needs to get all the cards, but flip them over is prohibited. From the stack you need to take as many cards as players at the table. For example, if you play three, you only need three cards. If five of us, five. Each player must look at their card and then put it down. If there is a new round, then the dealer should become a spy.

So, handing out starts the timer, which means the start of the game. He begins to ask questions to any player. The question itself usually refers to the location indicated on the map. The question is asked once and without qualification. The answer can be anything. The idea is to unravel the location to compute a spy. And every map location has status. For example, if you were at the «base of terrorists», it is said, respectively — it’s a kind of roleplay, but only to cut off the heads of no use to anyone. If you were in the army of the crusaders, you say high style, and remember every two words about the Holy sepulchre and the Saracens. Actually, only the spy will not be able to understand what the location has got the players he will have a conversation to compute the location, or to fail on their inappropriate responses or questions. The questions themselves are given randomly. But there is a small rule about that — you cannot put a question to someone you just asked.

Each round ends with a vote. In one case, when the time comes. In another case, when one of the players will be confident of another espionage — then he will be able to hold early voting. Spy, incidentally, can also accuse someone of espionage, to divert suspicion from himself.In General, as you know, the game is configured for talkative company, which not against to put on the masks of different images. Themselves locations a lot, and Supplement well enhance the game world, making it even more contrasting.

The development of the game


We are always glad when the cool table projects are not thrown by the creators. Here we have already witnessed the second part of the game «Find for the spy» — not much has changed for the better. Now players will have to calculate not one, but two spies, and the number of locations increased by 20, and the number of players increased to 12. A special thrill a new part of the game is that two spies working for competing intelligence agencies — they will compete and try to «expose» each other, and it gives a lot of room for verbal battles. In General, «a godsend for the spy 2» is the same game, only bigger and better.

But not only the release of the second part we are pleased with HobbyWorld. There is also a very good addition that will make the game much richer. The app is called «And a little box». It is designed for those players who have little standard packs of cards.

«And a little box» you should buy in addition to the basic set of «Findings for the spy». In this small box contains a total of six new locations, which are divided into 48 cards. Will have the opportunity to engage in espionage in the night club, to hockey, the zoo and even at the festival Board games.

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