A generic list of reasons you were in the ass

People for centuries believed in their own uniqueness. He feels that his personal problems are too unique and can not be understood by others. Only he forgets that all people are victims of society, products of society, utterly trivial, and often devoid of any uniqueness. There is a separate group of people with extraordinary charisma and the murderous power of the spirit, but they do not need any motivation or a kick in the ass. Unless the Council and a couple of smart thoughts, because they look at the real world, not making your life a Greek tragedy.

To our office very often get letters from desperate, who are asking for support and answers to questions. Very often some questions are similar to the other, as the causes of their diseases are the same. In fact, after reviewing the most popular questions you chose these reasons. Of course, in most cases, all human troubles come from stupidity, but in some cases not so clear. We divided them into two groups because we write or cardiac cases, or those who do not know what decision they make.

But this does not mean that more question need not send, usually through personal contacts better comes.

Relationship problems

All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

– Leo Tolstoy «Anna Karenina» –of Course, every family is unhappy in its own way, but the diversity of these misfortunes is too limited.

— You didn’t show her enough attention. You can earn astronomical amounts of money, but if at night she spends alone, it is unlikely that your love boat will sail though a little long.

— First of all a date, romance, passion, hot sex. But once you start to live together, love how the whole drive disappears, giving place to a monotonous and boring everyday life. You think to surprise and delight each other nothing. Indeed, why, after all, the main thing is already done, the top is taken, you can now rest on our laurels. But the relationship that has become accustomed to violent emotions, it is difficult to adjust to the calm in the relationship. You become boring, uninteresting to each other. Blame, as often happens, both.

— Quite easy to confuse passion with love. And this is the main problem, because when the hormones calm down and subside, you begin to notice that passion in your belly, ugly feet and a lot of bad habits. To see her every day — a mockery. So do not rush to live together. And remember: it can have the same feelings.

Never forget that man is primarily an animal, and it is not prone to stability. Look at cats: if earth’s history in some bizarre way made them our masters, the two old torn cat in the men’s conversation with each other, stroking the man’s head, I wonder how you can live your whole life with one female, and even raising their own offspring? It’s such a responsibility! It’s not a night out or to flee, or to live life to the fullest. A disappointment.— In principle, as long as we seething instincts of the male, we are ready to impregnate everything that moves. He rages quite a long time, but Christian morality was accustomed to the fact that marriages are in heaven, and so we instinctively consider the first specimen, made us privy to the mystery of love, as their potential females at all times. But after a while, after evaporation of the passion and the pernicious influence of life, the instinct of the hunter, the wind of freedom again fills the sails and pulls us to gain other females. Everything is so primitive.

— Once the eponymous hero crazy Italian Comedy Fantozzi get to heaven, ask God to be born six-foot, blue-eyed, rich Swede who knows how to play the Spanish guitar. But instead, he was born again bowlegged, clumsy, pot-bellied Fantozzi. We all, for the most part, Fantozzi, too overextending their forces. No matter how perfect we may seem, there’s always gonna be people better. So if you don’t make any efforts, not to prove your woman actions and behavior that you’re the best, soon she finds a shaggy, hairy basketball player, who is able and earns more than you. In principle, with us, the same thing happens when we find the virgin, who, we think, better than our current one. And if it really — only time will tell.

— And at this point there is a kind of symbiosis of the two preceding paragraphs, reinforced presbyteroi craving for material well-being. Cat’s nature perfectly combined with a taste for everything good that you can’t provide. It turns out the basic floss.— For many, the words «marriage» and «relationship» is synonymous with the word «slavery». What is to say that even in the marriage conclusion, the person loses interest in personal freedom and self-respect. And therefore, when one partner starts to nag and build of a household of Nero, the patience of the second coming to an end. That’s why you want to send out a friend who is trying to manipulate you, and she, in turn, hastens to break up with you after the first rudiments of Patriarchy.

Problems of motivation of the choice of life and interaction with society

In a certain period of life, each of us has to face choices, to take risks, to make the right decision. Unfortunately, not all have the strength, courage, and sometimes just the brain. No need to delve into the past to discover the cause, everything is on the surface.

— Do not blame feisty character, is guilty of the ego. Most of the population has a big problem with ego, he has cancer, a large tumor, which is fuelled by wrong judgment and an exaggerated ego. Now it does not fit in human form and drags along the ground by its owner.

Or another example is deer antler. As you know, the bigger they are, the enviable male. In many of pantocrine in the body so much that to walk is not obtained, horns scratching the ceiling. This is the pantocrine prevents the pass in normal society and a normal life. First, in a decent society not everyone likes to see the freaks with horns, just like in that movie with Dan Radcliffe, and secondly, the monster he believes is a society unworthy of himself and of his horns. But in the end left with nothing. Moderate ego, and everything will be fine.

— Another fruit of a sick ego — the inability to make concessions. By the way, a very useful thing in any relationship: business, love. In chess, from ancient times practiced gambit when their interests are sacrificed at a figure. Chess is a kind of school of life that teaches you to make the right decisions. Don’t believe us — believe the Board with the figures. Sometimes you need to concede to lull the enemy or begging for more time to prepare. It is not a shame, it is a strategy.

— Stock brokers have one undeniable advantage over other professions. They do know how to lose without losing hope and not throwing in hysterics the trick. Because they are taught to understand very complex, but much needed in their craft wisdom to lose money. Without this we cannot success. But they know that tomorrow can win much more, because hands and feet, the head sort of works too. So what’s stopping to collect my thoughts and tomorrow again to rush into battle? There is a delicate art — it is beautiful to lose, it is necessary to understand to anyone who wants to do business, but is afraid to burn. Don’t be afraid to take risks.— Disgusting thing. Someone like a domestic drill, life under the regime? Because you so do not want to go into the army, right? But unfortunately, in order to succeed, you need to part of the army was always with you. You see, when your responsibilities or the range of interests is very wide, you have to time to do several things at once. If you are absolutely broke attitude to life, make it impossible. So here comes discipline. Once you collect will in a fist, beginning to control your daily routine, schedule, to the surprise of notice that is time and energy to study, work and self-development.

Doesn’t matter what you imagine our planet: the blue-yellow-white-green sphere or a flat pancake that is located on the backs of animals. It doesn’t matter because she was tired to suffer under the weight of steps of slackers and losers who are disappointed in your life and are in a perpetual state of apathy. To get out, just need to find a job you love, because only two things make take a sober look at this world: work and travel. Mind your goals, what you want from life. Only here we must be specific, avoiding abstract paragraph «happiness and wealth». Once you yourself understand what you want, life will become easier and more fun.

— As you know, smart people learn from others ‘ mistakes, and stupid — on his. But as soon as it comes to dealing with people, begin to blunt and smart and stupid. As a rule, we begin to understand people with age, but some, or afraid to offend, or just not knowing how to refuse, blindly believing in the person, admit to themselves of various scoundrels and rogues, who before had brought trouble. And the secret to a happy life is very simple — avoid people like scoundrels and rascals, like people. And never give a person a second chance, will spend only time in vain.

— Next time you complain that do not know how to communicate with people who are not able to work or good jump over the goat, remember these 12 letters, which can change your life — self-development. Want to improve your speech, read good literature, just learn to formulate ideas. Understand that your specialty is not what you want to communicate life, but to get somewhere, not enough money — take courses, lectures, pump your skill without crust and with proper zeal the fate will turn to you a person. Want to change something in yourself — exercise, or at least embroidery. When man ceases to grow, he spiritually dies. Never be afraid to take risks. The risk increases the heart rate, gives an adrenaline pumping and at least some chance to realize a dream. And if you just sit and describe the potential risks, you can rot a miserable coward. But before you take risks, learn to be a good loser.

— Life is too complicated to treat it more seriously. Need to some extent to be nihilists, otherwise surge, you can go mad. Feature of the nihilists in that he manages to live for yourself, Hedonists, usually always a little bit happier. Don’t invent a duty, binding you hand and foot, strive for maximum freedom, without forgetting about the responsibility to those who tamed.

— What more motivation do people need? Is the ability to stay in the ass and rot in obscurity — too little motivation to start something to do? Perhaps, if you are not smart enough to understand this, then you don’t need.

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