A gamer from China lives in an Internet cafe for 6 years


The Japanese have this strange word — hikkimori. It had been reduced to Hickey, is extremely vicious, quarrelsome painful. Usually they go with the head to something like games, books and comics, declining real communication. To tell you the truth, the real communication they don’t need.

In Asia Hickey, who largely are not inclined to living in society, quite a lot. But this guy outdid them all. His name is Lee Me and he lives in the Internet club for six years. In the truest sense of the word lives: in the evenings, he plays and sleeps during the day, occasionally go out to eat, to drink and to bathe. But, judging by the picture, it is somehow not very often these three actions takes place.

The cafe used to it: man pays $ 72 per month for the rent of the table. The guy no one notices, he almost never speaks, except in those moments when he needs food or technical support. The money, according to himself, he makes his commercial tournaments in the game. According to rumors, his monthly income is about 300 dollars, which for China a good idea.

Here’s his sad fate, man. Or Vice versa?

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