A future that will save us…

Remember the movie «6th day», where Schwarzenegger was crying about too high-tech future? So, it is not far off. Of course, they will be able to enjoy the fruits of high technology, but over time life will become better, life has become merrier! Or will not? Try to understand that if you saw what life would be like without the usual things.

1. Keys


We lose keys. In the conventional sense of the word. By we fantasy films doors opening from the fingerprint or after scanning of the retina, instantly enter into circulation. But simply the hotel business a long time threw all the keys into the boiling lava where melted the second the Terminator. Remember the doors that are opened with electronic cards – this is a Wake-up call. On the one hand, it’s good, but I’m worried about simple apartment thieves, who will not adapt to the high tech world and die from hunger.

2. Disadvantages


Crooked nose, big mouth, horse smile, flat chest, ass size zero, short height and big weight – the solution to all these, so to speak, of the «problems» in the future will be as time-consuming as replacement of water in the cooler. Medicine is making great strides so maybe 10 years from now to pump breast silicone can be any gas stations, and near normal gas station will be siliconalley.

3. It


It is becoming scary. SMS, Internet and the unbridled speed of the current of life rather spoiled it current: high rate, low literacy. In the future will certainly be the message templates, consisting of: «Lol, norms, XS». We rarely have to use words of courtesy, but began to stuff the speech with neologisms. Oh, brave new world! Without language, but with technology.

4. Banknotes


Take all your money, put it on the Desk and start to touch them, chat with them, to stroke and caress, because we don’t know how much you have left to live together. When was the last the tramp would give the last of the fifties for a nice tincture of hawthorn, then the person will lose the power over money. Undoubtedly, pay with credit cards – a very handy thing, but has its own charm, its aesthetics in «real» money.

5. Keyboard, joysticks, mouse


Now, typing this text, I understand that after a while the keyboard will take its place in the Museum of former greatness, along with a VCR and the like. His Majesty the sensor full will take the throne. Maybe the text is enough to tell a story, and maybe send a thought impulse? All this, of course, on the level of fantasy, but what the hell… I mean, I want to say that scientists are not kidding.

6. Paper reading


Someone already exchanged the pungent but sweet smell of fresh ink and paper handy gadgets with lighting and the settings striking the imagination of the average grandmother from Bryansk region. Printed slowly, but surely, as the famous airship Hindenburg falls to the ground hard oblivion. Someone gives 20 years, who is 50, but it is clear that patient we lose. All converted to an electronic format. Newspapers – online only, books only electronic. How it is convenient, cheap and merciful to the comrades of the trees, did not tell only the lazy. But the old reactionaries that will remain, and after 40 years, it will be difficult. Old books will decay, crumble, new ones will be issued only in a limited number of copies as inspirational gifts and sort of fun for the rich, and, of course, for a lot of money. Although, maybe technology will make a decisive March with full kit, and a new one will appear which will allow us all to feel the roughness of book pages and their smell. Although it is believed that the cellulose will artificially raise, and what kind of cellulose…

7. Natural Pets


Genetic engineering will take a step forward (and already is so that scary) and will become commonplace. In any case, the cloning of animals for sure. Drew myself on the computer a silhouette of a huge glowing swingersalabama, pressed the button and I’ll get to sign it. Technology will allow you to not hand-dragon. On the one hand, it’s good: a sharply prices fall for the most expensive once livestock are always welcome Labrador will be accessible. Just do not know the consequences of this availability and what it will be for critters. Suddenly start to clone a human, and you can get a personal slave? The guys from «Ku Klux Klan» approve of it.

8. Childhood


Of course, our old-school sense. It is now slowly but surely disappearing, like the dinosaurs. The child, with yards, games, endless football in different combinations, building tents with chairs in the middle of the room and now it sounds like a Museum piece, like a Ghost of the past that never was. And in the future all even sadder. Children almost two years, will give on all sorts of training courses so as early as possible to prepare them for a difficult adult life, and virtual reality will completely kill a live chat and a hint of some kind of childhood. It will not children, but small, not adapted to the life of adults.

9. Idols


Saddest is the realization that sooner or later the voice of the beloved musician will be heard one last time. It’s always hard. Because they become like family to us, and therefore, seeing them in the latter way, you will be crying no less than on the funerals of their relatives. It was always and at all times, and this will not go away. If only scientists will invent a vaccine of immortality. Although to see on TV the same face face all my life – annoying spectacle.

10. Living art


Once we wrote about how the whole world disappears ancient folk art. The same awaits all living artists. Sincerity and sincerity will disappear, replaced by precision and pragmatism, the electronics will allow you to achieve the perfect sound quality, but will save us the living spirit. Therefore, even instrumental records will be recorded on the computer and not with live musicians. The theatre finally dies, giving way to the cinematography and performance. Pleases only one thing: it will not be soon. There is a high probability not to survive until the time when technology will destroy the creativity.

11. Peace and quiet


The pace of life will increase a hundredfold, working hours will be more, there will even more hustle and bustle. The world population is growing in all directions, place less and fuss more. And how can you not go crazy? Medicine will make us superhumans, but will not affect human qualities. Work takes all free time and live communication wouldn’t be strong enough. It will become something of a tradition, habit, that does not cause any joy. Want to drop everything and go to the forest, and no – there are already built in the city. The population is growing. But will become a beautiful meditation. As placebo. Well, maybe it’ll help to find harmony?

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